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On September 10, 2005 in the city of Chernihiv, a group of enthusiasts began training in accordance with the program of Traditional Aikido - Takemus AIKI. Today, established contacts with AIKI clubs such cities as Kiev, Bryansk, Moscow, and St. Petersburg.

Our dojo is located in one of the most ancient and picturesque places of Chernihiv - on Val. Everywhere you feel the spirit of antiquity. The centuries-old history of this place is reminiscent of the majestic Savior Transfiguration Cathedral with its bells, severe cannons on the steep slopes of the Dytyntsi, the charming Desna River, which slowly carries its waters to the Dnieper.

Walking through Valle avenues to the training hall, you leave behind the modern city with its buildings and human crowds, and naturally fall into the atmosphere of silence and tranquility, with every step of the way feeling that everyday problems are turning aside.

Dojo is located on the first floor of the building on the street. Gorky 5A. It is here that the "Olympian" children's and youth sports school, whose graduates have repeatedly held prize places from judo, sambo and sumo in Europe and in the world. It is thanks to the trainers and the school directorate that we can take Aikido in one of the largest and bright wrestling halls in Chernihiv.

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Next to Traditional Aikido Club "Takemusu Aiki"

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