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Krav Maga Federation of Ukraine - a structural unit of the Israeli Protect, which focuses on training riot guards and staff. Federation instructors specializing in teaching civilians under 16 years, the system of physical fitness and self-defense Krav Maga, which includes: education awareness, personal safety skills and objective assessment of potential threats to health and life.

The realization that successful self-defense - to avoid situations in which you want to apply learned skills; self-defense courses aimed at creating a set of measures and symmetric threat of effective responses to protect yourself and loved ones; cumulative development of physical and psychological health of students, teaching counteract stress and aggression management.

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Sport school

Sports Center for the fight

119 m. 4 В Museumine St, Chernihiv

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National reserve "Ancient Chernigov"

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Traditional Aikido Club "Takemusu Aiki"

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Yoga studio "Harmony of body and soul" in the Center

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