Ser'ozhnikova St, 10

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About the place

Free-style wrestling for children and teenagers from 8 years
New spacious room with a fresh renovation.
In the hall there is a hall of general physical training, a wrestling hall, changing rooms, showers.

Among the students there are repeated winners and winners of the championships and the Cup of Ukraine, repeated winners and prize-winners of regional competitions, international tournaments

Every year, to the day of the liberation of Chernigov from the fascist invaders, the International Tournament "Ilya Muromets" is held, participation in city events

The schedule allows you to visit in the morning, afternoon and evening

Workouts are available in different areas of the city:
Serezhnikov 10 - Vitaly Valerievich 0958306566
School number 32 (rn Gradetskaya) 097 987 03 77 Andrei Georgievich
SK Desna (beyond Angor) 093 213 04 52 Aleksey

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Next to SK Avangard (Free-style wrestling section)

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