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The center of dance and fitness "Victoria Dance" is the first in Chernihiv center for complex dancing and fitness of the whole family, with a set of related services and goods, with an affordable price level and as close as possible to European quality of service.

Center "Victoria-dance" today unites 5 branches:

1. Main premises at the address Chernihiv, st. Shevchenko, 11.

In this room there are 3 rooms. Classes in such areas: sports, ballroom, oriental, modern dance, fitness, yoga, Hadu, production of the first wedding dance. As well as a dance shoes and clothing store "Everything for Dance", a massage room, repair of dance and casual shoes.

3. Branch at the address: Chernigov, st. Shevchenko, 5. The branch opened in the fall of 2012 especially for ballroom dancing.

Quite a large area of ​​90 sq.m. allows you to fully engage in sports ballroom dancing as a European program, and Latin American.

4. Branch at school number 3 at the address: Chernigov, st. Hetman Polubotka, 14. The branch is open primarily to children from the nearest district and schools No. 1, No. 2, No. 3.

Here are classes in ballroom, oriental, modern dance, children's yoga, fitness and aerobics.

The center operates 20 certified trainers with more than 20 types of dance, gymnastics, fitness, martial arts, gym. Groups from 3 to 65 years.

Also our Center offers:

- production of the first wedding dance

- speeches at events.

- Shop “All for dance”

- Massage

- Shoe repair (dance and everyday)

We are waiting for you and your children in our classes!

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Людка Ника

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Галина Семенихина

Хаду з тренером Олею-не просто якісне заняття-це життя!!! Єдине..було б не погано, аби сам центр повернув можливість для для нас випити холодної/теплої води, як було завжди до цього!!!
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