Rules for using MixSport

MixSport is an all-Ukrainian sport aggregator of information about sports venues and events. MixSport also provides an opportunity to place information about yourself for trainers and sports organizations.

The founders of MixSport are a team of like-minded people whose goal is to popularize sport in Ukraine (hereinafter - the Team).

Users of the portal may be persons who have read, understood and adhere to these Rules.

The user must immediately leave MixSport if he has not read, understood or will not comply with these Rules completely.

1. Information

All information about sports venues (venues), events (events), coaches (instructors), sports organizations (federations), including reviews (comments) and articles (blogs), is placed only by users. The team can not, on its own initiative, place or add any information other than the interface elements and communications regarding the operation of MixSport.

Only sports related information or MixSport themes may be included. Tolerance is a technical verification of the compatibility of information with the programmatic capabilities of MixSport, and therefore the Team does not assume any responsibility for the information posted by the Users, even if it has been admitted.

Users are prohibited from posting information that:

  • contains false or misleading information
  • insults, degrades the honor or dignity of others
  • promotes violence, cruelty or intolerance
  • has a religious, political, and militaristic character
  • violates intellectual property rights
  • discloses personal data of other persons without their consent
  • aimed at spreading malware or capturing confidential information

The team does not allow the placement and removal of forbidden information in case of self-determination of the availability of such information or complaints of other persons. The team may delete part of the forbidden information if the other part continues to store the informative property.

The team reserves the right not to explain the reasons and grounds for refusal to post or withdraw information.

1.1. Sport locations (places)

Only the User logged in to your account can add places on MixSport.

The user can add places for sports and healing: a stadium, a swimming pool, a sports ground, a sports club, a sports school, a sports federation, a sports complex, a park, etc.

Place a Place The user can read as follows:

  1. Click "Create" and select "Place" in the window;
  2. enter a shortened place name (if the page is created from scratch) or insert a link with Facebook or Google Maps (data is imported automatically);
  3. add a full name, description, keywords, address, as well as price, phones, e-mail, website, photos (official symbols), etc.;
  4. press "Publish".

The site page is placed on MixSport after its admission in the order of the queue.

A list of placements is available on the User profile. The user can edit only the places he places. The new edition of the site is placed after its admission in the order of the queue.

1.2. Sports events (events)

Only the User who signed in to his account can add an event to MixSport.

The user can add a variety of sporting events and events.

Post an event The user can do the following:

  1. Click "Create" and choose "Event" in the window;
  2. enter event name (if page is created from scratch) or insert link with Facebook (data is imported automatically);
  3. add description, event date and time, keywords, as well as in case of price, address or place of the event, organizer, phone, e-mail, social networks, photos (official symbols), etc.;
  4. press "Publish".

Event page is placed on MixSport after its admission in the order of the queue.

The list of hosted events is available on the User profile. The user can edit only events posted by him. The new edition of the event is placed after its admission in the order of the queue.

1.3. Trainers (instructors)

Only the User who signed in to his account can add a coach to MixSport.

The user can add himself as a coach or other coach if he has been given permission to place his information.

Placing information about the coach The user can read as follows:

  1. Click "Create" and select "Coach" in the window;
  2. enter the name of the trainer;
  3. add description, keywords, as well as, if necessary, prices, contacts, options, photos, agreement on the placement of information from another trainer;
  4. press "Publish".

The trainer's page is placed on MixSport after its admission in the order of the queue.

The list of posted coaches is available on the User profile. The user can only edit his information about the trainer. The new edition of the trainer's information is placed after its admission in the order of the queue.

1.4. Sports organizations (federations)

Federations are selected by the Team from the "Places" section. The selection and removal of sports organizations from the section "Federation" may be carried out at the User's appearances or at the initiative of the Team.

1.5. Articles (blogs)

Articles should be original and with a high degree of uniqueness of the text.

Blogs should be interesting and easy to read.

Additional requirements for posted articles (blogs) on MixSport are agreed by the Team with each interested User.

Articles (blogs) prohibit links to third-party resources and advertising of certain products (services).

1.6. Reviews (comments)

Only the User logged in to his account can comment, comment or comment on MixSport.

Reviews and comments should be directly related to the information that is being evaluated or commented.

In addition to general prohibitions on the placement of information, short rating reviews or comments ("super", "bad", "normal", etc.) are inadmissible.

2. Account and profile

The MixSport account is a User account for posting information on MixSport.

The user's authorization for MixSport is via Facebook or Google. When you first authorize, the MixSport account is created automatically. A user can create an account using the registration form if he or she does not want to use the services of Facebook and Google.

Information that may be contained in the MixSport account:

  • Email (Automatically transmitted from Facebook or Google)
  • name and surname, photo, permanent link to the profile (transposed automatically from Facebook or Google, edited by the User, available for review by other Users)
  • information about yourself, telephone (can be made by the user, available for inspection by other users who are coaches)

After the account is created, other people will be able to see the first and last name, the photo, the permanent link to the user profile, as well as the information placed there. Other information from the User's account can not be brought to the attention of other persons without his consent.

Termination of the account is carried out:

  • on the initiative of the Team in case of repeated placing by the User of the forbidden information or other violation of the Rules of using MixSport
  • at the initiative of the User in case of sending a letter with the corresponding appeal to the team's e-mail address

3. Responsibility and conflict resolution

The team does not guarantee uninterrupted and full-fledged work of MixSport. All possible obstacles and inconveniences in the use of MixSport will be eliminated by the Team in the most compressed, but not pre-set, rows.

The ability to purchase tickets through third-party links or via widgets directly to MixSport is provided by Users who have posted information about the sport event (event). The team does not sell tickets, does not return them, and does not reimburse the cost of tickets in all circumstances. All questions, suggestions and complaints about tickets are diverted to the User who posted information about the sporting event (event).

For the placement of forbidden information, all responsibility lies with the User who placed it. By clicking on "Publish" or "Submit", users confirm that the posted information is not prohibited by these rules, the persons concerned by it and the current legislation.

The complaint for prohibited information must include:

  • full name (name) and contact details of the complainant, as well as power of attorney, if the complaint is filed by the representative;
  • a reference to information or part thereof which the complainant considers to be prohibited;
  • the justification and evidence (if any) that the information or part thereof is prohibited;
  • consent to forwarding the complaint and all its annexes to the User who has placed the relevant information.

Within three days from the day the complaint is received containing all the necessary information, the Team hides the relevant information (or part thereof) and sends a complaint to all Users with the application. Further communication of the User with the complainant is carried out without the participation of the Team. If within three days from the day the complaint is forwarded, the User does not notify the Team of his response to the complainant on the complaint, then the hidden information is permanently removed from MixSport.

Restoration of the hidden information can be carried out only on the application of the complainant or by a court decision.

The team does not make any decisions in resolving conflicts between Users and Complaints.

4. Other

Official email

The team can not contact the User in other ways or from another email than

In case of any discrepancies, the rules that are set forth in the Ukrainian language shall prevail. Translations of rules into other languages ​​are done automatically by software only for the convenience of users. The law of Ukraine applies to the rules.

The current version of the rules is being implemented from March 1, 2019.