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"Tai Chi Chuan" is an internal school of martial arts "Wushu", known in the West as "Kung Fu".

This ancient art of strengthening the body and spiritual development, which originated in China and is now spreading powerfully throughout the world.

"Tai Chi Chuan" is a system in which the natural principle of relaxation, softness and harmony is reproduced. The smooth nature of the movements, the rounded and natural positions, the combination of the actions of the whole body constitute an indescribable feeling of unity and freedom.

"Qigong" is the art of developing energy in the human body, promoting health, increasing internal strength, training of consciousness and spiritual perfection.

The combination of gymnastics "Tai Chi Chuan" and "Qigong" significantly improve the condition of the body, relieve mental fatigue. Systematic training stimulates internal energy, develops relaxation skills, improves blood circulation, helps regulate metabolism, reduces fatigue, relieves pain, strengthens muscles and tendons, regulates the physico-chemical state of bones and joints, and has a beneficial effect on the functioning of internal organs and the brain, and develops skills to reach a state of peace and inner silence, which is one of the conditions for the preservation of health and personal development.

This method of development reveals the deep essence of man and restores the spiritual structure of the personality.

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