What is Mixsport 

Mixsport is a Ukrainian sports aggregator which contains information about sports locations and events of our country. Do you want to sign up for a gym, attend competitions or send a child to the sports section? We will help you find what you need.

Mixsport.pro provides detailed information on sports clubs and federations about various sports. To find the necessary location, select your location and the sphere are  ​​interested in, then the site will display all options on the map. In addition, the Mixsport.pro can also help you to find a coach, who will help you to achieve your goals. Read about qualifications, work experience as well as the achievements of the mentor. Then go ahead and conquer new peaks!

You are a master of sports in boxing and have opened your own school, you know the secret of preparing Olympic champions or you lead the swimming section that few people know about? Add it to Mixsport and tell us why it is so good.

Add your location to the sports map number one!

Do you organize a competition or sports workshop? We will help to tell about your events to more people.

Just add your event to the Mixsport.pro map!

How you can benefit from Mixsport 

Mixsport is a site which is filled by users. This is an open free platform for organizers of sport events, owners of sport clubs as well as managers of sports sections or other places where sports events take place.

Event organizers can add their own events to the Mixsport.pro map and the owners of locations - their own clubs, swimming pools, sports complexes and studios.