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Studio of modern dance "ALLIANCE", founded in 1999, is one of the founders of modern dance in Chernigov. For a significant contribution to the development of culture, a high artistic level and performance skills of the modern dance studio "ALLIANCE" was awarded the title of exemplary team!

In the creative baggage of teachers and pupils for 18 years of active work - hundreds of diplomas and cups for victories and prizes at national and international festivals and competitions, but the main goal, we believe, is the physical and personal development of each child. In the studio, there is no division into “capable” and “incapable”, talented or not, all students perform on stage, participate in concerts and festivals.

Education takes place in all age groups:

  • baby 3-4 years;
  • preschoolers 5-6 years;
  • younger group 7 - 9 years;
  • average group of 10 - 13 years;
  • senior group 14-16 years;
  • students 17 years and older;
  • group for adults.

In the program of training - different styles of modern dance: hip-hop, break-dance, contempo, and also great attention is paid to general physical training, the basics of gymnastics.

Forming the body culture of dance, the following tasks of physical development are performed, such as: optimization of physical activity, improvement of body composition, development of coordination, increase of functional capabilities of the body and harmonious development of its physiological functions, strengthening and maintaining health.

Teamwork builds such valuable qualities in children as purposefulness, perseverance, responsibility, ability to set goals and achieve them, and regular performances on the stage develop artistry, self-reliance, determination, courage, which has a positive impact on the child’s personal potential. .

As an art form, it is dance that makes it possible to express your “I”, reveal your individuality, convey your feelings, mood, thoughts, “splash out” negative emotions by means of movements, get positive and get vivid impressions of success in a group of peers!

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