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History «All Stars» started in 2006 when I invited six young men (two of them continue to work in All Stars - Sergey Yarmak and Alina Batekina) to create extraordinary dance project. We wanted to create something more than dancing, we wanted to combine all styles of modern dance and the best dancers on the same team!

We are united by friendship, support and love. These values ​​were the basis of all! Having ride on championships in different cities and countries, we realized that what was happening in Odessa does not meet international dance level. There have accumulated vast knowledge and experience that would like to share with all of Kharkiv. And our desire to promote dance culture in Ukraine and become an example for all dance schools in Europe was irresistibly! This year we started All Stars Dance Centre.

Initially, the emphasis was placed on developing dance skills of the student, technology developments and base styles, setting numbers. But it was not what we wanted ".In 2007 I came to the workshop of personal development" Metsuda "and found his calling -" make people happier through dance. "This course has helped him understand what to add to the curriculum All Stars DC.I in this - the development of each student as lichnosti.Dobaviv development of personal qualities to learning dance technique, we were able to build the author's method of teaching.

Now it is unique, its technology has started to use in schools Dnipro, Kyiv, Uzhhorod, Chernihiv. A school teachers come to the All Stars to get the experience of our ways and methods of communication with students and roditelyami.Seychas us for over 12 years! Studies Branch Research Institute conditioner, 1st floor, metro "Sports Palace".

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Next to Studio "All Stars Dance Center" New Homes

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