Moskovs'kyi Ave, 257

About the place

Dende Capoeira - a team of professionals who love their work and live capoeira. We learn from the world's best artists and students bear the knowledge gained from the heart of capoeira. We believe that our main goal - is to preserve the health of students and improve their health, to instill the love of an active lifestyle. We do not aim to mass production capoeira masters (they will be the most enthusiastic students).

We want our students, even in the event that they are tired and do not feel the power train, came to the academy of capoeira friends, chat, play music, and enjoy the truly warm and sunny atmosphere.

Branch Academy dance school "All stars" .Zanyatiya of capoeira for children 10-14 years.

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Next to Academy of Capoeira "Dende" on the subway "Army"

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