Marshala Malynovskoho St, 24/10

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What is Crossfit? - a program of purchasing power and physically fit for ordinary people and professional athletes from around the world.

Functional Strength Training (Krossfit) - special system of training, the purpose of which, a person acquiring excellent general physical preparation (PFD). CrossFit was originally designed as a complete training system for special forces, police and military in the United States. Since 2001, the Internet became available to everyone.

Crossfit training program offers fitness that its structure is a broad, general and vsevklyuchayuschim. Specialization Crossfit is to avoid the specialization. Martial arts, survival in extreme conditions, many sports, and life itself encouraged this approach to fitness.

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Past events

Next to CrossFit Banda V Obolon

Sport school

School of Modern Dance «Dream Team» on the Malinovskoho St

8 m. Marshala Malinovskoho St, 24/10

(093) 809-66-24

Sport Club

Kiev club Hapkido

177 m. Obolonskyi Ave, 2В

(067) 379-10-84

Sport Club

Yoga Hall

295 m. Marshala Malynovskoho St, 12

(050) 987-91-23

Sport Club

Fitness club "Sportland" in Obolon

296 m. Marshala Malynovs'koho St, 12

(044) 392-06-00

Sport Club

CYSS «Ippon» on Obolonskyi Ave, 2B

297 m. Obolonskyi Ave, 2B

(067) 681-28-56

Sport Club

SC "George"

297 m. Obolonskyi St, 2B

(063) 136-02-18

Sport school

Victoria Ballet School

297 m. 12 Marshal Malinowski St

(066) 465-60-98

Sport Club

Bowling club "Brooklyn"

306 m. Marshala Malynovskoho St, 12

(044) 585-85-50

Sport school

Sports school "Ippon" on Obolonsky pr. 2 b

325 m. Obolonsky Prospect, 2B, Kyiv

(097) 448-68-38

Sport Club

CK "Obolon-Kvon" on Malynovskoho

332 m. Marshala Malynovskoho St, 30a

(063) 405-62-62