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We invite everyone to the dance school Dream Team Kiev.

Professional choreographers in various dance styles, always ready to share our experience with our students of any age and level of katehriyi. Here you will find more than twenty most popular dance styles. Comfortable, and friendly atmosphere of drive, grand concerts, performances, competitions, workshops, meetings with celebrities, discos, photo shoots, participation in z'yomkah videos and many more interesting all waiting for you in the "Dream Team"!

The classes of dance teachers, choreographers school "DREAM TEAM" improve improvisation skills of each student, trying to form a strong interest in students to dance creativity through the development of dance, athletic abilities.

These modern dance. What it is? This prsto mix of a wide variety of areas, united together. It will be a good choice for those who do not like to bind themselves to anything specific and limited. If you like modern music, love yourself and your body - welcome to the style of modern dance

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