Marshala Malynovskoho St, 12

About the place

Learning mindfulness meditation technique and meditation therapy sessions:

- meditation deep in the subconscious to meeting destination in its personal nature from birth;

- Lessons Baseline non-analytical and analytical meditation to develop awareness of freedom, sustainable intentions, long kontsenratsii and independent application for advances in personal problems;

- Nidri practice yoga as a form of therapy and relaxation forming sankalpy (conscious realization installation);

- meditation anapayit (preparation to practice the ancient techniques of conscious liberation from suffering and the causes of clear vision Vipassana);

- meditation obtaining satisfaction in making themselves and others at a deep level;

- meditation relief from severe negative emotions, obsessive thoughts and images;

- meditation on the returning force due to Rod;

- a journey into the past and past lives (regressive meditation);

- restoration of the ability to enjoy and feel to realize their true desires.

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