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Rope Park is a logically connected set of obstacles of varying complexity, located at a certain height above the ground. All obstacles of the rope park are combined into routes depending on their complexity and thematic focus.

Rope Park is a new kind of family and corporate recreation, designed for both trained extreme sports enthusiasts and newcomers to the world of outdoor activities. In America and Europe, such parks have long gained great popularity. For example: 46 rope parks are open in Switzerland ...

Nowadays, a healthy and active style of rest is the most popular. People are looking for more and more new opportunities to relax interestingly, actively and with health benefits. And now, in order to feel like a mountaineer, a climber, or a caver, it is not necessary to go to distant mountains, buy expensive equipment, and indulge in risky adventures.

Rope adventure park:
- this is a joint active rest
- this is an exciting pastime for the whole family.
- This is the best way to awaken the team spirit of the company.
- it is a guarantee of your health
- this is a corporate holiday
- this is sport
- this is a drive
- this is creative
- this is an original leisure for any age.

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