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Equestrian Club "Fairy Tale" is an oasis hidden from the bustle of the city, where you can relax away from the city, actively and with health benefits spend time, plunge into the world of nature and get a lot of positive impressions. In the modern world, we are no longer dependent on horses, but they are the connecting thread that makes it possible to return to nature, to feel again the tight connection between us and the animal world.

We are inseparable from the outside world, we can not exist without him, it's time to think about it. Just two steps away from the noisy city highway and the attractions of the recreation park, a completely different Chernihiv begins. From all sides you are surrounded by a dense forest and the noise of cars is silent; you can hear only the birds singing and the splash of the Desna. I can not believe that this is possible almost in the very center of the city! And here, not far from Gorsad, behind the school of arts, the Fairy Tale Club is located comfortably.

Its inhabitants are 8 horses, several dogs and two cats. Manages all this animal kingdom, only ... one woman - Natalia Furnnikova. She is the director. Natalya opened the horse hobby for herself 20 years ago - it was back in 1994 that the Fairy Tale club originated. Together with her husband, Natalya set up an institution, bought horses, built a stable. And now, for almost 19 years, the fragile blonde has been directing this difficult farm herself. Natalya's horses are known to everyone: they regularly ride Chernihiv and city guests in the central park near the fountains.

The club offers classes for children and adults, with beginner riders and those who are able. We have walking horses, as well as for beginners, walking along fields and woods is possible, or if there is a desire to learn how to ride well, classes take place in the arena, a large, open, good ground arena. For riders with experience, you can take a walk to the field-forest, there are different routes of any complexity, swimming in summer. We take the kids to the group for training. And also - Hippotherapy (improvement of health by means of riding) Also, riding on horses to you for any holidays are possible. Well-groomed, beautiful horses will come to you and ride on horseback. You can have a great time in nature while riding horses, not only you but also your children. Horse rides will be interesting not only for riders with experience, but also for beginners. Under the guidance of an instructor you will be able to learn to ride a horse quite well in a few lessons.

A prerequisite for horse riding is ages from 2 years and weight up to 70 kg.

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Elizaveta Gudimenko

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Саша Дристунцов

Очень классное место, где отдыхает душа. Красивые и ухоженные лошадки. Есть услуга катания деток. Если вам нравятся кони и вообще животные, то это место стоит обязательно посетить! Обязательно, когда будет время, приедем сюда. Море позитива и энергии.
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Анна Колейчик

Классное место для отдыха
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Olena Mozharivska

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Alexander Doroshenko

Пречудове місце для верхової їзди
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