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The sports club "USLEGEND GYM" is located in a convenient location, with parking for cars that solves the problem of the road and parking. Professional designers have developed the idea and concept of the interior, having achieved an atmosphere of comfort and peace, visiting our sports club, you will forget about all the troubles and plunge into the world of healthy lifestyle and harmony. Our sports club is equipped with modern exercise equipment from world leaders in the sports industry, which allows you to perform a variety of physical activity, forming certain muscle groups.

In the hall and locker rooms installed powerful air-conditioning system with regulation of air flow, so that training takes place at the optimum temperature. All lockers are equipped with safes and are securely locked with a key, which allows not worrying about the safety of left things. Qualified instructors conduct group and individual lessons depending on the wishes of the client. Fitness clubs vary in terms of service level and range of services, but our sports club is the best and provides all kinds of programs and additional procedures, taking into account the peculiarities of each organism.

Sports club is a great way to keep yourself in good shape, we understand it and we do everything possible to achieve your cherished goal.

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Все очень хорошо.Замечательный зал,цены адекватные

Фазан Виталий

Ціни які?
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Владислав Горбанев

Хорошо но не отлично
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Вадим Ситников

Уютный тренажерный зал где и взаправду найдешь всё необходимое чтобы нагрузить и проработать все свои мышцы.И при том за очень доступные цены! Советую.
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Богдан Бакуменко

Из минусов - нет кондиционера, летом очень жарко, мало шкафчиков - в пик может просто не оказаться свободного
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Юрий Демидов

Приемлемые цены, отличные тренажеры
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Александр Колотило

Уютный зал. Хорошая цена. Маленькая раздевалка (((
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