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Jaguar GYM is a hall of martial arts, in which everyone can find a direction for their soul and abilities.

We have sets in groups, as well as individual training for such types of martial arts as muay thai (Thai boxing), boxing, jiu-jitsu, mixfight, fitness, taybo, eskrima and other areas. We equip our sports facilities in accordance with the highest requirements of one or another direction.

Our instructors are qualified specialists, titled masters of their craft, repeated prize-winners of the Championships of Ukraine, as well as international competitions for which sport is an integral part of life.

Training in the hall of martial arts Jaguar GYM is characterized by high intensity and individual approach to each student. You will not meet a single person who is not paid attention to the training - everyone gets their share of knowledge corresponding to their skills and training.

We do not divide students by age, sex, experience, except when they ask for it and for good reason.

We are confident that this method has a beneficial effect on the learning process itself: less experienced learn from more experienced ones, younger ones from older ones, and those in turn do not allow themselves to relax, because they are an example.

The only exception is the sports group, which trains according to its own schedule, with its own loads and more deeply than the general one.

Our athletes have a number of advantages: the opportunity to practice for free, more often, learn more, make a sports career, show the whole world that he is the best in the business. Each student of our sports school can get into a group of athletes if he wants it, allow his abilities and state of health.

Much attention is paid to discipline. In younger ones, we bring up a sense of justice, responsibility, courage, respect for elders, and adults without these qualities simply do not take root.

Jaguar GYM is a school with a deep foundation of moral values, but is open to self-development and self-improvement. We are looking for new directions, new people, we hold seminars and we learn from other masters ourselves. You need to constantly improve: it becomes better, more efficiently more efficient. This concerns not only physical indicators, and we are trying to convey this to everyone else.

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Виктория Мирошниченко

Занимаюсь 2 мес. очень довольна роботой тренерского состава, индивидуальный подход к каждому даже на груповых занятиях. Зал хорошо оборудован, есть роздевалка, душ, туалет.
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Abdulaziz Adeeb

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HiKiTiH •

Интерьер гарный
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Юлия Мирошниченко

Ребенок ходит в детскую группу Джиу-Джитсу с удовольствием, очень рады, что обратились именно сюда. Рекомендую !
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Yuriy Miroshnichenko

Занимаюсь в зале сам и отдал ребенка с 5 лет в секцию Джиу-Джитсу. Детские тренировки сочетают в себе дисциплину и игровой процесс, в результате на тренировку дети ходят с удовольствием. Спустя пару месяцев сын научился кувыркаться, в том числе и диагональные кувырки со страховкой, правильно падать, группироваться, начал становиться на мостик и забираться по канату, так же уже неплохо получается проход в ноги и задняя подножка ))) Тренер профессионал.
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