About the place

The founders of the Federation are a group of professional teachers, masters of the black belt in Aikido, Aiki-jutsu and Ken-jutsu. All masters have a long experience of pedagogical work, higher pedagogical sports education.

Special programs developed by Petrik Ruslan Vladimirovich (5th dan Aiki Tekatana-ryu) based on ancient Oriental and modern pedagogical methods, scientific knowledge in the field of physiology and sports medicine, together with leading teachers of the National Pedagogical University. NP Dragomanova, take into account the level of health of students and have a health orientation in the study of the art of self-defense.

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Next to Aikido Federation "Those Gata-Ryu" on Lidova (Poltava)

Sport Club

Handball club "Dynamo"

99 m. Lidova St, 4

(053) 227-91-32

Sport Club

Dance Club "Academy of Dance"

158 m. Dmytra Koriaka St, 5A

(095) 719-43-46

Sport Club

Karate club "Wado-Kai"

180 m. 3, Dmytra Koryak St

(050) 214-67-70

Sport school

Coach "Vanguard" named after IV Shemyakin

219 m. Sobornosti St, 37

(053) 222-96-57

Sport section

Cheerleading section in the dance center "Brilliant"

226 m. Sobornosti St, 43

(099) 673-34-07

Sport Club

Spartak GYM fitnes club

430 m. Nezalezhnosti Square, 1А

(096) 963-33-05

Sport Club

US Legend GYM

459 m. Sinna St, 7

(050) 305-00-02

Sport Club

Women's fitness club "FitCurves"

480 m. Stepovoho Frontu St, 7

(095) 022-80-67

Sport Club

Fitnes club "KING"

481 m. Yevropeiska St, 6А

(098) 301-31-31

Sport Club

Sports club "Spartak"

564 m. Nezalezhnosti Square, 24А

(053) 222-89-43