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A characteristic feature of the studio "Visinova" is an original training program that creatively combines not only the dance choreography, but also gymnastics and various sports and more acrobatic direction. Our main goal in teaching children - is to create a basis for raising healthy and harmoniously developed young generation. Our teachers hold an individual approach to each child, taking into account the different skills and abilities of children. Work with the original copyright education programs, can reveal different aspects of each child's talent. Sports and dance studio "Visinova" has extensive experience working with children of different levels of training, as there are at the base, set up in 1990, the People's team of Ukraine, sports and choreographic ensemble "Visinova". Ensemble "Visinova" is the legislator of a new direction in the modern art of dance, which is a synthesis of sports and choreography. Ensemble "Visinova" was founded in 1990 on the basis of gymnastics, acrobatics, dance and circus arts. The ensemble consists of boys and girls aged from 4 to 20 years. Age groups: preparatory, junior, middle and senior. Classes are held 4-6 times a week.

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