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"Karate Club and practical self-defense" CI "was created in 2014. KI - a life force. Increase your vitality - then become more energetic. More energy in more complex organisms. For example a person more energy than a flower. And while you nothing you can do to make your body more difficult, you are able to increase the level of its organization. Organize - then give a coherent form, in other words, to coordinate.

Coordination - a collaboration between all parts of your body. There is nothing supernatural is achieved by regular training, in which we learn to control his body. As soon as your body learns to work, your vitality increases.

So regular exercise is an excellent way to increase vitality.

Karate club presents several components: sports, health, practical. Selecting one or more components depending on the task that engaged himself had set itself or through coach. The main focus of Karate club Karate is a traditional Shotokan (Shotokan). At the same time, we believe in karate is not limited to this style.

Children who are involved in karate, physically active, polite, respectful to elders know how to set goals and works to achieve them. This is a good help at home and at school. We believe that training in our Club will be of interest to anyone interested in karate for children and adults in Kiev.

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