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Children and Youth Sports School organized in the early postwar years, when the team masters of "Dinamo" Kiev. First it was the group training. Trainers worked Fomin Nikolay Melnichenko Fedorovich and Nikolay Pavlovich. Since 1957, the group joined in the Youth team at masters "Dinamo" Kiev. Youth at the "Dinamo" Kiev city council created in 1967. In 1974, the school was transferred to the rank of the Sports School (Specialized Children and Youth School of Olympic Reserve). Since 2003, he renamed in junior football "Dynamo" school of Kiev them. Valeriy Lobanovskiy. Over the years, the school worked outstanding coaches: Oleksandr Leonidov, Evgeny Kotelnikov, Leonid Ostrovsky, Ivan Terlecki, Byshovets, Vyacheslav Semenov, Vladimir Onishchenko Vadim Vadym Sosnykhin, Evgeny Rudakov, Vitaly Khmelnitsky, Andrew Beebe, Vladimir Munteanu, Alexander Shpak, Victor Kashchei Fedor Medvid, Vitaly Golubev, Alexander Sopin Aleksandr Lysenko Anatoly Kroschenko and many others. Some work and now - B. Khmelnitsky, E. Rudakov, A. Shpak, Kashchei V., V. Nazarov. Director of the school "Dynamo" at various times were: Nikolai Kuznetsov, Anatoly Byshovets, Michael Koman, Viktor Kanev, Oleg Bazilevich Ivan Terletskii Valery Kurochkin, Anatoly Shepel. The most outstanding pupils of football school "Dynamo" Kiev is the owner of "Golden Ball" in 1975 - Oleg Blokhin and 2004 - Andriy Shevchenko. In 1999, the Football Academy "Dinamo" Kiev has been created in which there are all conditions for training and recreational players 14-17 years old. At the moment, there are three academic groups, which deal with 70 talented young people from different cities of Ukraine and the near abroad, which are fully provided for by the club (sports equipment, room and board). The training process takes place in three training bases of the club - "Nivki", "Concha Zaspa" and "I am happy."

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Next to Youth Academy "Dinamo" on Otradnoe

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