Valeriia Lobanovskoho St, 7

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FC History "Seagull" has its origins in 2011, where it all began with a small number of children born in 2001-2003 and the junior tournament of the Kiev region, where our team won first place and produced his first trophy. From this moment Club began to develop rapidly. At the very beginning, the main objective in the direction of FC "Seagull" was chosen popularization of football and a healthy way of life among today's youth and society in general. Also, we actively began to work on the development of the discipline, physical fitness, football skills and respect for each other member of the football team. One of the main objectives was to nurture in children a desire to learn, and respect for parents. We have made and are making every effort to ensure that the football team "The Seagull", always achieved good results in the children's football arena, thus raising our precious children of future athletes.

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Next to Football Club "The Seagull" to them. VV Lobanovskiy

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2,25 km. Ukraine, Kiev, Zhitomir highway, 19 km. Public transport stop "Sosnovy Bor"

(073) 013-11-11