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About the place




We, the SP-Moto Group, are

professional road racing riders and motorsports experts

multiple champions and prize-winners of national

championships and international competitions

people living in this world

We definitely know how to shape and develop a personality

with a strong will by learning favourite subjects and doing your

daily work.

We are aimed at achieving goals and being successful.

We do not want to read in The Economist about Generation Z

which is considered to be weak-willed, dependent and

indifferent. We do not want to passively watch the unaddressed

problems and do nothing. We believe that living an active life as

motorsport you can prevent this.


What Do we teach?

To ride and race modern sportbikes, i.e. motorcycles
prepared for participation in road racing competitions
at different levels
To lead and win
To work hard with perseverance,
tenacity and resilience
To develop determination and willpower



In an environment which is saturated with
the spirit of motorcycle racing, fair competition
and the desire to be the first among multiple
champions, prize-winners and participants
of national, international and world competitions
or championships
On tracks of various classes and levels,
from the international category A circuits
for world championships to little-known
local tracks around the world
In boxes and in pitlanes next to mechanics,
engineers, engine suspension, telemetriсs
and electronic guru who show, interpret
and explain the essence of things
In classrooms and on simulators equipped with
everything necessary for efficient study and practice
At our customers’ sites and the National team’s
locations all over the world
At our own facilities

Where Do we Teach?



Evgeny Pisarev

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