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Sliding on the water on the board of the world's doctors recognized the most healthful kind of physical activity. Wakeboarding is quite safe and therefore it is not by chance that a wide age range of skiers from 2.5 to 97 years is fixed here. A modern, trendy, fashionable sport, physical exercise in the open air combined with the sun and water, makes the wakeboard centers the center of pleasant pastime, entertainment, recreation, training, shows and fun parties.

The National Ukrainian Wakeboarding Federation (WEFF), after years of decline and stagnation in water skiing in Ukraine, has made a huge leap in development. UVVV represents in Ukraine - the World Association of Wakeboarding WWA. Wakeboarding is recognized as a sport in Ukraine, and the FEVV has received the status of the National Sports Federation.

Each year, the UVVF conducts up to 10 regional competitions, and in 2008, 2009, two World Cups and one European Cup were held in Kiev. Ukrainian wakeboarding team regularly participates in European and world championships and wins prize and champion titles. The WAKE EVOLUTION program, which stimulates the training of beginners, the rapid progress of athletes and ensures interaction between the federation, clubs, schools, coaches and athletes, works effectively.

Great progress has been made in the logistics of wakeboarding in Ukraine.

It was built and certified for world-class competitions, the best in the Eastern Europe Wake Park "Extreme thrust" in the X-park of Kiev, which includes two ring-shaped cable cars with a set of obstacles, 6 linear cable cars for training beginners and children, and certified for the competition boats - towing the best world manufacturers. Over 18 wakeboard bases in 9 regions of Ukraine are active. Production of fast-paced domestic wakeboard linear and ring cableways "X-traction" (cable cars with brains) is organized, which provide cheap traction and quick profitability to owners, which makes wakeboarding from fashionable to mass and popular.

The strategic priority of the UVVF was the construction of wake-parks throughout Ukraine, the development of regions and the involvement of the greatest possible number of citizens in this wonderful sport. The concrete task of 2025 is put to put 200 water-ski lifts in all regional and district centers of Ukraine and create a real all-Ukrainian network of bases that will make wakeboarding truly massive and accessible to any citizen of the country, both for active entertainment and for sports of higher achievements. The next priority of the UVVF is the mass all-Ukrainian selection of promising athletes from all regions.

In the field of the development of sport, work is imposed with all state structures from the district administration, to the profile departments of the Ministry of Ukraine for the Family of Youth and Sports. The people's deputies of all political parties represented in the parliament are supported. All necessary licenses have been received. The UVVF initiated a series of legislative and regulatory initiatives, widely supported by the sports community and government officials. First of all, this is within the framework of development of the infrastructure of non-Olympic sports, state programs for the development of sports, sports parks and national sports festivals.

Particularly popular were the wakeboard sections, schools, camps. Coaching techniques have been formed, courses and master classes for instructors are held. Coaching and refereeing seminars with the participation of the stars of world wakeboarding. Certification of instructors, trainers, judges, wake-boxes and equipment is conducted. Organized broad informing of the public through social networks and mass media.

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EQUITY Ukraine Wake Open 2019

Fri 23 Aug 09:00 - Sun 25 Aug 18:00

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