Wakeboarding lesson for two


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Wakeboarding lesson for two


2 persons
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It is always more convenient and joyful to ride a wakeboard in pairs. Take your other half, friend or child (recommended from 10 years) and hurry to conquer the Dnieper on a water board! Prerequisite - the ability to swim and follow all the recommendations of the instructor. By riding a wakeboard in pairs, you will improve coordination, learn to stay confident on the water, have fun and have fun together. Will never be bored!

Service duration:

Riding time - 30 minutes.

For whom the service:

For anyone who wants to learn how to ride a wakeboard;
For romantic couples, two friends, parents with a child from 10 years.
Relevance of the service:

The service is seasonal (from May to October).

What awaits you:

Under the guidance of an experienced instructor, you will master the elements of wakeboard control on land and in practice will be able to consolidate the knowledge gained on the river;
Learn to stay afloat and improve coordination;
Enjoy riding on the river on a water board and get a lot of positive emotions. And if you want, you can order video or photo-shooting services and the ride will remain in unforgettable shots that you can show to your friends!

What is included in the cost of the service:

Briefing. A professional instructor will tell: about ways to maintain balance on the board, the correct position of the legs and the technique of correct grip of the rope handle;
Wakeboarding for two people;
Complete set of rolling equipment (board, vest, halyard, helmet);
You are ridden by a boat (professional American tow truck Malibu for wakeboarding);
Six ballast systems are available to create a wave for every taste. You can choose comfortable speed and waves;
You can turn on your favorite music for skiing. The boat has a powerful sound system.
What to bring:

Comfortable sportswear for the weather (which is not a pity to splash water) or a bathing suit is recommended;
Sun cream (optional);
Rental conditions:

Pre-registration required;
It is necessary to have an identity document: passport or rights;
Weight restrictions up to - 110 kg;
Ability to swim;
Wakeboarding since the age of 10. Skiing for children under this age is not recommended;
Observance of safety rules on the water - you can not ride without a life jacket and in bathing places;
It is forbidden to ride under the influence of alcohol and under the influence of prohibited substances;
Not recommended for pregnant women and people with poor health.
Work schedule:

Daily from 8:00 to 19:00.

By arrangement, it is possible to provide rental services at night.

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Terms & conditions

The certificate can be used at: X-Park

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Organizer contacts

Sports and entertainment complex X-PARK

(067) 506-41-51



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About the organizer

(067) 440-84-96

About the organizer

The X-Traction Line Cableway is designed for training, coaching and wakeboarding competitions.
LCD has a simple and reliable design, does not require significant investment, is ideal for both the first steps and for learning various tricks, including Professional.
LKD X-Traction is a completely new development of Ukrainian specialists, based on the analysis of existing offers on the market, own experience of cableway operation in the X-Traction wake park in Kyiv. The system eliminates many shortcomings inherent in different types of cable cars of this type, as well as added new, unique features.
A well-known inventor from the Dnieper, Yuriy Artemovich Yershov, who invented and built the first roads of this type in the USSR, took an active part in the development and testing of the LCD.
The design uses imported components (engine, automation), which are of high quality, accuracy and reliability. Metal structures are made of modern materials that guarantee long-term operation in water.
During the development, special attention was paid to the full automation of the cableway, which minimizes the "human factor" during operation. The operator now only selects a program that matches the rider's level and launches it. The automation does the rest itself.
Now all driving modes are fully customizable. Road behavior is always predictable for the rider, who does not need to guess the thoughts and actions of the operator, but can focus on learning the tricks.
For the operator, the task of road management is also as easy as possible. You no longer need eagle visual acuity and ninja lightning reaction to prevent accidents, filigree precision and a firm hand to provide the necessary rider mode.
No major construction is required to install the X-Traction LCD. The installation itself takes up to 4 days. Supports can be installed both in the shore and in the water, at a depth of 1.5 meters. The optimal distance between the supports is 100-150 meters. If necessary, dismantling or moving the road to another location will not take much time.

Presentation with investment calculations of the #Xtraction wake park


The X-Traction Cable Car provides up to 6 to 16 rides at a time. Depending on the design, water skiing (classic version, now somewhat outdated) and wakeboarding (designed with optimal characteristics for wakeboarding) ring roads can be built.
The water ski lift is designed to cultivate the main sports: water skiing, slalom monolithic skiing, figure skiing, ski jumping, heeling and additional types: wakeboarding, boarding, discus, sky skiing.
It is also possible to have fun at low speeds on bananas, buns and more.
The ring cable car has 4 or 5 supports and is closed along the perimeter. The required size of the water area is 110 by 360 m, the rope forms from 1000-1500 meters, which can ride up to 18 people. Towing headlights are attached to a constantly moving rope. From the launch pad, the skier starts at right angles to the rotating rope and gradually gains speed. Speed ​​of movement from 5 to 60 km / h. The straight line must be 310 m long in order to be able to install a slalom ski track and a springboard.
Wakeboard cable cars are designed for riding mainly on wakeboards and wakekeets. Increased rope height, short distances between supports from 30 to 100 m and open turning corners make it possible to make high jumps on the wakeboard from the flat and at the corners. Modern cable cars for wakeboarding have 5 or 6 supports.
Combined with properly constructed wakeboard barriers, the wake park becomes very attractive and interesting for visitors. The first ring road made in Ukraine was inspected and tested in August 2014. It is currently available for skiing at X-Park in Kyiv.
The design uses imported components (engine, automation, ropes, rigging), which are of high quality, accuracy and reliability. Metal structures are made of modern materials that guarantee long-term operation in water.

If you want to use the latest achievements of the wake industry, contact us and enjoy the availability of wakeboarding! Our specialists will analyze your installation site, develop a project and form a proposal for a modern wake park.

Wakeboarding lesson for two


2 persons
1600 ₴
0   ₴

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