FunSport is a sport and all levels of ecstasy

FunSport is a sport and all levels of ecstasy

People are constantly looking for the perfect life scenario. How to have fun, but still be in great physical shape? How delicious to eat but feel good? How to work less and get more money? And if the last two things are rare exceptions, then sports and entertainment are a real tool to improve the quality of life.

The battle for emotions is in full swing. Smartphones, social networks, TV, games, psycho- and taste stimulants, junk food will win the war, but lead to terrible physical shape, destruction of health and immunity. And good physical shape and strong immunity became extremely important for survival during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sports officials have brought the concept of sport to the absurd. The majority of the Ukrainian population perceives sports as suffering, traumatic rot that requires willpower, self-torture. And many associate sports with suffocating gyms and smelly locker rooms. The official system cannot convey that sport is the limit of pleasure, excitement, adrenaline, high and ecstasy.

All-Ukrainian portal Mixsport in partnership with X-PARK  breaks stereotypes and launches the project "FunSport - sport is a fan" . The task of the project is to select sports and activities so that the maximum concentration of highs is combined with the benefits for physical fitness, health and immunity. After all, modern man is no longer interested in constantly doing the same sports. In the world of highly competitive war, a bouquet of bright activities with a diverse picture and lifestyle atmosphere is needed for impressions.

Kitesurfing as the perfect FunSport

Kitesurfing is a great way to get a dose of adrenaline, pleasure and health benefits. This sport consists of riding the waves using a kite ( kite ). Advanced riders can perform various tricks and jumps.

Kitesurfing is practiced in the warm season. In Ukraine, the season lasts from May to August. At other times, riders go to warmer regions: South Africa, Spain, Mauritius, Cape Town, etc.

In Ukraine there are several spots for kitesurfing and proper conditions for skiing. All you have to do is catch the windy weather. Here are the most popular spots:

  • Henichesk, Arabat arrow. There are 3 kite schools, the necessary infrastructure, sandy beach, access to the sea and estuary. A separate plus - the lack of vacationers, so nothing prevents skating.
  • Ягорлик. There is only water, endless shore, kite and you. Very well suited for those who love alienated rest.
  • Azure. Here is a kite school. You can rent a house near the coast, but you will have to get there by car from the spot.
  • Skadovsk. There are field kite schools on the Skadovsk coast. There is no infrastructure at all, so the spot is suitable for a trip of 1-2 days.
  • Kirillovka. There is a kite station and a kite school. Ride on the estuary.
  • Serhiyivka. Kite schools operate on the coast. It is possible to ride well only when big waves rise on the sea.
  • Happy, Arabatka. The wind on this spot accelerates to 13 meters per second, so it is better to go here for experienced riders.
  • Paton Bridge, Kyiv. Wheelchair with an urban landscape. There is no even wind, so it is also suitable for advanced kitesurfers.

And kite safaris give especially cool emotions.

Kite safari is a trip to the open sea on a comfortable yacht. During the trip, tourists go kitesurfing, having fun and relaxing. It is ideal to do it in the demi-season ( autumn-spring period ). The cooling and withering of nature is directly related to the depressed mood. A burst of positive emotions from a kite safari will correct any psyche in time and activate the thirst for life.

What is the coolness of a kite safari?

Sun, turquoise sea, white sand are always associated with pleasure and success. And now we grind it with adrenaline from sliding waves, communication with new friends, a white yacht, sifud, free parties on deck to the music of bright DJs, and, of course, euphoric sex. Isn't this a recipe for happiness, emission of positive emotions and impressions? The most important thing behind this hobby is physical activity which forms a beautiful, proportionate, surfing, athletic body, develops strength, vestibular system, sense of balance and balance, coordination of movements and endurance.

In addition to physical development and self-improvement, you will also receive an emotional and psychological state of quasi-meditation on the waves, zeroing stress, because " all diseases of the nerves ." Everyone notices that after such an update, the head flies, a bunch of ideas and thoughts appear. But provided you do not drink alcohol every night.

Kite safaris are an exceptional tool for a full, rich active life and prolong youth. Kitesurfing is a leader in the FunSport collection.

Mixsport in partnership with X-PARK knows how to turn any sport into FunSport. We create cool extreme festivals and bright wakeboarding competitions. We will also turn your sport from gloomy toils and hard work into unreal movement, from which your community will explode with bright emotions and even a powerful physical activity will be an element of excitement and courage.

The whole range of sports fans, parties on yachts and sports arenas, mobile open-air party with music cars and mobile scenes, format DJs, leading and bright shows - all in one Mix Fun Sport solution.

We have proven programs that will bring your community to ecstasy. We are waiting for you, contact us.

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