The Ukrainian Wake Federation (UWF) is a trendsetter that has made river sports mainstream

The Ukrainian Wake Federation (UWF) is a trendsetter that has made river sports mainstream

Ukrainian Wakeboarding Federation UWF

Let me introduce you to the most wonderful sport - wakeboarding . Exercise in the fresh air in combination with the sun and water makes wakeboard bases a center of active and pleasant pastime, entertainment, wellness, training, shows and fun.

Yuriy Zozulya , President of the Ukrainian Wakeboarding Federation, and Anastasia Ponomarenko , Vice President of the UWF, enthusiastically talk in an interview about the Mass Wake, UWF's own federation and the success of wakeboarding among Ukrainians.

First of all, I, Kirill Lopatin , leading interviewer, TOP manager of the web portal Mixsport (MS), on behalf of the entire MS editorial office, found out from Yuri:

  • MS: What are the main goals of the UWF Wake Federation?

Yuriy Zozulya:  "Wake should become as popular as possible. It is necessary to open 200 wake parks in all regions of Ukraine. Install rope wake on every beach and pond. Make wake a fashionable cool trendy selfie sport of successful people. Become the best in the world with wake."

  • MS: Most federations aim to win world championships? What is your goal

Yuri Zozulya:  Our motto: "ROPE WAKE PARK FOR EVERY BET." Mass wake in the highest priority.

By 2025, open 200 wake parks across Ukraine, from cities with a population of millions to villages. Mass sports are, directly, available infrastructure, ie rope wake parks! Ukraine needs not only medals from European and world championships, but, above all, healthy, physically developed Ukrainians to build an economy, give birth to healthy children and defend the country. The national team of Ukraine in wakeboarding regularly participates in European and world championships, wins prizes and championship titles.

But without mass sports there will be no medals, because this is the selection of talented young people. And here, in addition to infrastructure, there should be something that will attract young people to become a wake rider. And this task is even more difficult, and this requires a virtual add-on for video and photo content, social networks and sports Internet aggregators. In general, Ukraine needs about 700 wake parks for this sport to become really widespread.

Therefore, the UWF Federation has identified the development of the regions and the involvement of as many Ukrainians as possible in this wonderful sport as a strategic priority. A specific task is being implemented to create a real all-Ukrainian network of rope rope parks, which will make wakeboarding and water skiing truly massive and accessible to any inhabitant of the country for active entertainment, training and professional sports. Deploy wakeboarding and water ski schools with certified instructors, coaches and judges at the bases.


  • MS: You emphasize that wake is a sport of successful people. In the imagination of the average resident - it is more for young people, and more fashionable include yachting, golf, equestrian sports?

Yuriy Zozulya:  "Wake has already become a must have - of successful Ukrainians." You have noticed that almost all serious businessmen, celebrities and politicians are already skating, many have bought professional tugboats and installed rope wike parks. Wake became a dream and aspiration of young people and students. Boys show off, girls sympathize. You have noticed that almost all promoted bloggers post videos with their wheelchairs in their posts, because it has become an integral part of being in trend.

Successful people are involved in Wake, and it is the desire of many to join this caste. Being in a vaker party is now cool and fashionable. Perhaps one of the most significant achievements of the Ukrainian Wakeboarding Federation is to make the sport very desirable for this and future generations. But undoubtedly Wake is a community of successful Ukrainians.

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  • MS: Where did it all start? How did you personally come to Wake, and what is this sport for you?

Yuri Zozulya:  "I came to wakeboarding in early 2000. Together with Anton Molodtsev, Sergei Sablin, Vladimir Bereza and other famous kiters, we did kiteboarding. But it's no secret that a kite needs wind. But in search of activities in windless weather Anton Molodtsev introduced me to Vasyl Hryshko (who has been wakeboarding since 1997) and Vadym Korovytsky. etc. "

Of course, the community around us began to grow. Alexei Sidko brought the first Mastercraft in early 2000, and it was a breakthrough. Then "bare heels" and SkySki were added. Then they redesigned the tug with a tower on it and made the first becrol, tried wakesurfing. 

Since 2004, the mass import of tow trucks has begun, and since 2007 - the construction of rope wake parks. At the end of 2021, 27 boats, 13 cable cars and 2 ring roads are already operating in the waters of the Desenka River alone.

  • MS: How did wakeboarding become so popular in Ukraine?

Yuriy Zozulya: "The 2008 season gave a new qualitative leap in the development of Ukrainian wakeboarding. Much has happened in Ukraine for the first time."

For example, a record number of wakeboarding competitions were held in one season. For the first time, the best X-TRACTION wake park in Eastern Europe was built. World stars performed in Ukrainian championships and were highly praised. The Wakeboarding World Cup was held in Ukraine. Ukraine has gained international recognition, and many world stars have visited Kyiv, including the current World Champions, the legends of world wakeboarding. There is even a Ukrainian professional film about wakeboarding "X-TRACTION". Also, the Federation became a full member of the WWA (World Wakeboard Association), the World Wakeboarding Association. 

Active members of the federation are most grateful for the development of wake:

  1. Pirate Bay Wake Park, Kryukivshchyna, Kyiv Region - Jan Akhramovich.
  2. Kvitu4iy Wake Park, Kharkiv - Dmytro Yasnolobov. 
  3. Red Monkey Wake Park, Kharkiv - Sergey Rakita. 
  4. Chernomorsky Wake Park, Chernomorsk - Oleg Neneka.
  5. Jump & Fly wake park, s.m.t. Serhiyivka - Yuriy Kozubay.
  6. Wake Park "Black Otter", Kherson - Eugene Kuleshov.
  7. Cherkasy wake park, Cherkasy - Oleksiy Kovalenko.
  8. Ontop wake park, Poltava - Eugene Shevchenko. 
  9. Wake Park "Ka4ka", Irpin - Alexander Shelikh, Roman Yadlovsky.
  10. Wake Park "Upark", Vasylkiv, Kyiv region. - Maxim Podostroets, Yulia Matsyuk. 
  11. Wake Park "Voodoo", Lviv - Anton Frolov. 
  12. Wake Park "Stav 14", Kyiv - Artem Zakusilov, Eugene Novichenko.
  • MS: What are your relations with the Dnipropetrovsk Federation of Water Skiing and Wakeboarding of Ukraine?

Yuriy Zozulya: "For us, all federations and clubs that develop versions of wake: wakeboarding, wakeboarding and wakecasting are as friendly as possible. Our position is that the more competitions in Ukraine, the better for riders. More competitive experience - more prizes, competition We are grateful to the President of the Federation of Water Skiing and Wakeboarding and President Alexei Martynenko for the excellent Sentosa base and Wake Park in Dnipro, where athletes train and Ukrainian IWWF championships are held every year. we are not against the two championships of Ukraine, according to the WWA and IWWF. "

It's like professional boxing: the more belts in different versions, the better. We have 2 world and European championships, our riders perform there and there, and it is very good that they are gaining experience.

  • MS: What is the difference between WWA and IWWF?

Yuriy Zozulya:  "For most uneducated people it is almost invisible, the tricks have a similar name, equipment and boards are the same. In Ukraine, the task of our UWF federation is to develop the sport of wakeboarding, and UWWF develops wakeboarding as a version of water skiing refereeing rules and approaches to the organization of competitions. Requirements for the ring cableways of wake parks: WWA shoulder length is preferably 200 m, in the IWWF up to 300 m, well, a few more differences. "

  • MS: We heard that you do not allow Russians to Ukrainian competitions and do not take part in their competitions? What is the federation's scandal with collaborators and Russian equipment?

Yuri Zozulya: "Yes, this is a matter of principle for us. UWF athletes do not officially compete in the aggressor's competitions. They cannot compete for Russia in our competitions, but there are cases when riders with Russian citizenship are allowed to compete for Ukraine. The use of any equipment manufactured by the aggressor's country - boats, cable cars, wake parks, equipment - is unacceptable. "

Collaborating clubs are blacklisted by the federation. All clubs and riders who are guided by the idea of ​​"what a difference" are excluded from the ranks of the federation and are not allowed to compete or to any federal events.

Moreover, the federation is making every effort to ensure that such collaborators do not find a place in Ukrainian wakeboarding. So that no one wants to buy anything from the aggressor in fact, financing the war. Despite the harassment of haters and boot farms, we will destroy wakeboarding collaborators in all available legal ways. "

  • MS: So which is better, boat or rope wakeboarding?

Yuri Zozulya:  "Boat wakeboarding is a classic all over the world, it is considered a fashionable and expensive sport and entertainment. Boat maintenance costs 120-250 thousand dollars for fuel and driver. The boat creates a wave, which is the springboard on which Riders jump and do tricks, on average, a minute of boating costs between $ 2 and $ 4. Figuratively speaking, it's a wakeboarding "RESTAURANT" and the rope version is a "FAST FOOD" wakeboarding that is available to students and youth 10 to 10 years old. $ 20 for half an hour. And if they buy a season ticket, it's much cheaper. "

Rope version with electric traction is more environmentally friendly due to the lack of gasoline emissions and occupies about 3 hectares of water. 6 to 12 riders ride it at the same time.

The ring rope costs from 150 to 250 thousand euros. Line ropes are very suitable for beginners and amateurs and cost from 15 to 30 thousand dollars, depending on quality. Additional costs for obstacles from 5 to 35 thousand dollars are required. The ropes give more roll and create a good base for the boat.

It is worth noting the ski lift, which is installed in the club X-traction. It has made water skiing and wakeboarding accessible to ordinary Ukrainians, transforming them from an elite and expensive sport into an affordable form of leisure asset, a source of progress for Ukrainian riders. ”

Obstacles with obstacles allowed to make wakeboarding accessible to ordinary Ukrainians, from an elite boat and expensive sport turned it into an affordable form of active recreation, entertainment and a source of progress for Ukrainian riders.

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  • MS: What does an ideal wake park look like?

Yuriy Zozulya:  "We are trying to make X-park the flagship of wake infrastructure - an example for replication throughout Ukraine. Ideally, there are 1-2 ring ropes (200 per 100 m) and 4-8 linear ropes (100-150 m). Need a set Infrastructure: locker rooms, showers, inventory, rental, coaching, office (coaching, federal), medical center, shop with equipment (equipment) and children's school. as long as the water is liquid. It is very important that Wake Park is profitable and self-sufficient - cafes and barbecue areas give about 60% of the profits, which will help to overwinter and provide opportunities for development. "

  • MS: What are the main requirements for the development of wake parks? What does wake park certification include?

Vasyl Hryshko:  “Wake parks can be divided into three types: entertainment and training, competitive at the regional level and competitive at the level of world and European championships.

For the former, the requirements for cableways and obstacles are minimal - their long-standing task is to put on the wake of beginners and children, as well as to ensure activity on the water. The main requirement of UVV is the location of the wake park in a reservoir with guaranteed clean water (this includes chemical and biological analyzes). Particular attention should be paid to chemical analysis, the presence of heavy metals, radiation and hazardous waste, as well as biological analysis, especially in late summer, when bacteria multiply in ponds and increase the concentration of Escherichia coli, leptospirosis and other pathogens. 

For example, for the first wake park at Xpark, we used German location-based consulting. In Kyiv, there are about 60 reservoirs in the configuration suitable for cable cars with wake parks, but after the inspection, most of the lakes were found to have stormwater runoff and technological enterprises. Of the running water bodies, German consultants identified the cleanest place in Kyiv - the Desenko River to the North Bridge along Muromets Park. And although there was no necessary urban infrastructure: no electricity, no sewage, no water supply, which dramatically increased the cost of construction, the consultants insisted on choosing this location, because clean water is safe for visitors and children at any time of year, and it will also allow to hold international championships of the highest level. The clean bays and streams of the Desenka River have been preserved due to upstream - low anthropogenic load (lack of settlements and reserves), and bays - of source origin. The first discharge from stormwater treatment plants is below the bridge on Voskresenka. That is why St. George's Bay Desenka in 2002 was chosen as the site for the first ring wake park in Ukraine, which was opened in 2007. But the first advantages of clean water gave another - severe restrictions on the construction of capital structures, so for the boat version was chosen location on the opposite bank of the river Desenka. It was there that they built a boat wake base "Cuckoo's Nest" with boat parking. Desenka Bay in 2002 was chosen as the site for Ukraine's first ring wake park, which opened in 2007. But the first advantages of clean water gave another - severe restrictions on the construction of capital structures, so for the boat version was chosen location on the opposite bank of the river Desenka. It was there that they built a boat wake base "Cuckoo's Nest" with boat parking. Desenka Bay in 2002 was chosen as the site for Ukraine's first ring wake park, which opened in 2007. But the first advantages of clean water gave another - severe restrictions on the construction of capital structures, so for the boat version was chosen location on the opposite bank of the river Desenka. It was there that they built a boat wake base "Cuckoo's Nest" with boat parking.

The second echelon of requirements for wake parks is the depth of the reservoir. It must be at least 1.5 meters and the configuration of the shores must provide distances from the cable for safe rolling.

The third echelon of requirements for wake parks is certified cable cars. In addition to the requirements of electrical safety and the calculation of the strength of cables, anchors and structures, the most important are to ensure a constant and uniform speed of the carriage during the trick, smooth start and ability to work with heavy riders up to 130 kg.

In 2009, Xpark installed the first linear cable (reverse), created by new technologies of pylons with counterweights. This experience was the basis of UVB requirements for wake parks in Ukraine, and they are the certification of wake parks. UWF positions Xpark as a flagship that experiments and tests the technology of modern wake parks and as a ready model for cloning throughout Ukraine. From the appeals to the Federation it is possible to state the design of more than 400 wake parks, which are expected to be built in the coming years.

  • MS: Do you have to be able to swim to do wake?

Anastasia Ponomarenko:  “It is not necessary to be able to swim for wakeboarding. You will be given a life jacket that will not let you drown. In addition, wakeboarding itself removes the fear of water, and in almost 100% of cases after the season, all those who could not - are free to swim. You do not need to have special physical training. Certified instructors of the federation have knowledge of how to put on a whim of any beginner, starting from a 3-year-old child and 70 elderly people. Very important is the certified water area and cable car of the wake park, depth, stable speed without jerks, start. Related sports: trampoline, bicycle, running, climbing strength, balance board, slickline; game sports: volleyball, basketball, etc., it is desirable to be in the training area in the wake park. "

  • MS: At what age can you do wake, but do you need physical training?

Yuriy Zozulya:  "Our experience of participating in competitions is 2.5 years for the youngest and 79 years for the oldest. Wakeboarding is also recorded in the world at the age of 95. Wake is very safe due to falling into the water. And this is the basis of such a large age range. excitement as in extreme sports, although safe. Water skiing on the board has been recognized by doctors around the world as the most healthy type of physical activity. "

The main principles of the federation are methods for young children of muscleless programmers.

  • MS: Wakeboarding, wakeboarding, wakeboarding and now hydrofoiling? How do you feel about such constant innovations in the wake?

Yuri Zozulya: "World trends are changing very fast. Yesterday wefksurfing was an innovative water sport, and today it is mainstream. We follow all the news and understand that wake has become a base for such related species as kitesurfing, surfing, surfing. The wave has now become a trend for kite, wing, wave and town fouling, as well as new types of wake obstacles and equipment. on top of the trends. Constant modernization is the style of UWF. " 

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  • MS: We have been hearing about children's summer wake camps for several years. What is it and what is this explosion of popularity connected with?

Anastasia Ponomarenko:  “After wake became the mainstream of summer active recreation, many wakeboard schools turn into wakeboard summer day camps during the summer holidays. Children and teenagers from 3 to 16 years from 9.00 am to 18.00 are engaged in sports activities, where during the day is dominated by several training in wake and related sports - trampoline, bicycle, climbing, basketball, beach volleyball, etc. The peculiarity of children's camps is that from the age of three they instill a love for water sports, purposefulness, strength of will and hardening, while giving the child complete safety. To do this, certified instructors of the federation have special techniques for the youngest. 

It is the children who support their parents during summer vacations in the cities near the wake parks, they have more fun here than in Turkey, Croatia or Egypt. There are many different entertainments and a large community of friends in Ukrainian wake parks. And as a result, in addition to creating a healthy full-fledged generation of Ukrainians, we receive from children the first excellent selection of athletes who mostly become first champions of Ukraine, and then international championships. "

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  • MS: What is wake evolution?

Anastasia Ponomarenko:  “WAKE EVOLUTION is a program for motivating athletes of the UWF Federation, which supports talented and promising athletes with special preferences and quotas. As the state does not financially support the development of wake and wakeboarders, UWF is forced to attract patrons and sponsors to create better conditions for the progress and development of athletes. Wake Evolution allocates an average fund of UAH 270,000 for preferences and quotas for UWF athletes who have received the highest rating of the federation, won prizes in championships and participation in all official championships of the federation. "

  • MS: How to become a member of the UWF federation and what are the advantages?

Anastasia Ponomarenko:  “The UWF federation has a collective and individual membership. If an athlete or club aims to develop a wake, hold competitions, receive advice and support in building a wake park, apply to the authorities and receive funding from municipalities, sports schools, camps, learn the latest techniques of instructors, refereeing, participate in competitions, programs to stimulate the progress of "wake-up", to participate in training in promotion and digital sports marketing, as part of the national team to participate in world championships, then you need membership in the UWF. All these functions of wake development in Ukraine are performed by the federation. "

  • MS: What is the main task of the coach, is it important to be certified?

Yuri Zozulya:  "The most important thing for an wake instructor is to easily put a beginner on the wake and fall in love with this sport and recreation. As we say: the first dose is free."

Wakeboard sections, schools, and camps have become especially popular. Coaching methods have been developed, courses and master classes for instructors are held, as well as coaching and refereeing seminars with the participation of world wakeboarding stars. Certification of instructors, coaches, judges, wake bases and equipment is carried out.

  • MS: How do you train in winter?

Anastasia Ponomarenko:  “In the off-season and in winter, when the water is still liquid, training is held in water parks in wetsuits in the water area. In some wake parks, the season does not end, as in this video.

 After the end of the season in Ukraine, a large number of wakeboarders travel to warm countries with wake parks (Egypt, Turkey, Thailand, the Philippines, Miami) from mid-October to mid-April and organize camps there. Quite a good solution for our latitudes are cable cars in the pools.

  • MS: Who hinders the development of wake in Ukraine?

Yuriy Zozulya:  “The same people who hinder the development of Ukraine as a whole. Politicians and officials. This is especially true of places for wake parks in the water and on the beaches. In addition to the fact that the law does not allow the construction of capital facilities near the water, the person who wrote this law forgot that there are water sports. Therefore, we cannot build a standard capital infrastructure as, for example, in Europe or the United States. "We are building 'chicken legs' huts, and we are losing out to the advanced countries."

  • MS: So what's more in the wake: fan, health or sports?

Anastasia Ponomarenko: “ This is an amazing explosive cocktail of fan and health. Wake is the perfect summer water entertainment, in which there is a burst of adrenaline and excitement, as in any extreme sport. Although waking is safer than cycling or snowboarding, because you do not fall on the ground or ice, but in soft water. All doctors in the world have recognized Wake as the best for physical development and health. Because the sun, air and water are best friends, and in combination with exercise - this is the perfect activity. And a positive attitude from the aesthetics of nature, splashes and fun company is the best way to relieve stress, which, according to scientists, prolongs longevity.

  • MS: What are the main priorities of the Federation?

Yuriy Zozulya:  "The main priority of the Federation is to organize a mass all-Ukrainian selection of promising athletes from all regions."

  1. Hold Ukrainian cups in large regional centers.
  2. Open a training base in the winter, a winter water pool, open bases on hot lakes in the Crimea and Transcarpathia.
  3. Open a network of wakeboarding and ski resorts with cable cars in Egypt.
  4. Open a trampoline field and a hall of specialized simulators for acrobatic and vestibular training.
  5. Open the direction of wakeboarding and water skiing at specialized departments at the Institute of Physical Culture.
  6. Develop methodical printed and video materials for judges, coaches, instructors. Conduct regular refresher courses, seminars and certifications.
  7. Opening of the Fan Camp for Euro 2022. Hold the World Championship in Kyiv.
  • MS: What is the main contribution of the Federation to the development of Wayboarding?

Yuriy Zozulya: "The Federation has initiated a series of initiatives, widely supported by the sports community and government officials."

First of all, in the framework of the development of the infrastructure of non-Olympic sports, sports parks and national sports festivals. Sports holidays and festivals were held with the participation of the Sports Committee of Ukraine, with the participation of most diverse federations, sports and activities (X-day, day of physical culture). 

We have received the official status of the National Water Ski Federation. New venues for wakeboarding and water skiing competitions have been opened. For the first time, competitions for children from 2.5 to 11 years old in wakeboarding and water skiing were held.

The 2009 season was marked by the construction of the best and so far the only post-Soviet crown section.

In 2010, three reversible cable cars of own production were installed in the waters of the Peoples' Friendship Park, and similar cable cars appeared in Odesa and Pivdenne.

In 2010, 6 new cable cars were installed in three cities and more than 41 locations are planned in the near future.

The federation began to perform regulatory functions among riders (disqualification). Judges received statuses and for the first time a member of the Federation Ruslan Ibragimov judged the World Cup.

  • MS: Can people with disabilities do wake?

Yuriy Zozulya: UWF has developed special techniques and equipment for people with various disabilities from amputees to paralyzed and injured. Particular attention is paid to wounded soldiers and their physical and moral rehabilitation. Clubs provide inclusive training quotas to all members of the federation. There are also quotas for orphans and people who want to get rid of drug addiction. 
You can see how this happens in this video:

  • MS: How does the state promote development?

Yuri Zozulya: The state of Ukraine considers wake to be a non-priority and non-Olympic sport, so it is not funded, with rare exceptions, initiated by individual government officials. lack of funding for competitions and trips of athletes from the city and ministerial level, but UWF is very grateful for the great help and invaluable support from the head of the Department of Non-Olympic Sports Alexander Artemyev, Alexei Fristenko, Alexander Popov in organizing the competition. partial financing of the championship of Ukraine thanks to the support of the head of non-Olympic sports Lyudmila Panchenko and Vadym Gutsait - Minister of Sports.And a big thank you to the leadership of the UWC (non-Olympic sports) Shevlyak Ilya and Oleksandr Brykulsky for their long-term support.

  • MS: What marketing advertising tools do you use to promote wakeboarding?

Anastasia Ponomarenko: We mainly use the Internet and digital marketing, social networks:

Of course, a breakthrough catalyst was the use of digital sports portal -  Ukrainian Wakeboarding Federation , with the right strategy for social networks (SMM), SEO to promote events, coaches, UWF locations.

As accompanying marketing manifestations - branding of locations of wake parks and obstacles, TV channels and interviews. Like any wake sport, it doesn't have big budgets to promote, so we optimize the effectiveness of any promotional events. 

  • MS: "Thank you for such an informative and voluminous interview, we think it will help to properly understand the ways of wake development in Ukraine"

Anastasia Ponomarenko: "We are always happy to help in the development of wake in Ukraine."

Yuri Zozulya: "Everything will be a wave!"

Watch the federal Internet video channel with all UVV video content.  

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  • Historical background of wakeboarding

Wakeboarding as an extreme water sport is currently developing very rapidly. More than 50 million people around the world are fascinated by this activity. 30,000 wakeboarding events and competitions are held annually in Europe and America. Hundreds of participants and hundreds of thousands of fans gather for a common interest - to be involved in this activity. In Ukraine, wakeboarding has gained such popularity recently, but from season to season it continues to be a favorite active holiday among Ukrainians.

The history of wakeboarding in the world

In the mid-80's, Tony Finn from San Diego created "Scarfer", a short surf with belts - a prototype of wakeboarding. And Herb O'Brien has already developed an industrial pressed wakeboard. In 1962, the founder of the ski lifts was a German Bruno Ricksen (Munich). As early as 1989, Jimmy Redmon founded the World Wakeboarding Association (WWA), the world's leading wakeboarding organization, which develops wakeboarding, wakeboarding (rope and boat versions), and wakeboarding. The first competition was held in 1989 on the island of Kauai, Hawaii, on the Wailua River, and the first champion was Eric Peretz. The biggest jump in the popularity of wakeboarding was in the United States, especially in Florida.

The birth of wakeboarding in Ukraine

  1. In 2003, the first X-Traction kite-wake club was established in Ukraine by Zozulya Yuriy, Anton Molodtsov and Vasyl Hryshko.
  2. Already in 2005 wakeboarding was included in the World Games.
  3. In 2007, the Ukrainian Wakeboarding Federation (UWF) was founded.

History of wakeboarding development in Ukraine

After Ukraine gained independence, water skiing experienced a period of decline and oblivion in the 1990s, and the revival of the sport began in 2003, when a group of like-minded and wakeboarding enthusiasts founded the X-Traction Kite Wake Club. Since 2004, on the initiative of the club, wakeboarding competitions have been held regularly, in which Ukrainian, Russian, Belarusian athletes, riders from foreign countries have constantly participated.

On October 27, 2007, the founding conference established the Ukrainian Wakeboarding Federation (UWF). The conference was attended by 12 collective members, 24 individual participants.

In 2007, the first ring cableway in Ukraine was launched in Kyiv. Already in 2008, by order No. 4459 of November 10, 2008, wakeboarding was recognized as a sport by the Ministry of Family, Youth and Sports of Ukraine, thanks to the efforts of the UWF, and on August 17, 2009 at the board of the Ministry, UWF received the status of National. The stage of the World Cup according to the version of the International WWA Federation (rope version) was held. The championship of Ukraine, the championship of Kyiv and "UKRAINIAN OPEN 2007" in two versions (boat and rope) were also held. In 2009, the first Ukrainian-made cable car was launched and a crown park was built. The stage of the World Cup and the stage of the European Cup (rope version) were held. Cable cars began to be installed in the regions of Ukraine.

From 2004 to 2021, UWF held 110 competitions. Every year UWF holds regional championships, Kyiv championship, cups and Ukrainian championship. During this time, 44 cable cars were built in the capital and regions of Ukraine. UWF is preparing the X-park wake park in Kyiv for the World Cup.

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