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Вейкборд «Про»
Вейкборд «Про»

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1 сет (10 минут) - будние дни
1 сет (10 минут) - выходные дни
Абонемент на месяц 10 сетов
UAH1 000.00
Абонемент на месяц 20 сетов
UAH1 800.00
1 час - будние дни
1 час - выходные дни

About the place

Over the past 4 seasons, the wake park Kvituchiy became known to Kharkiv citizens as a place of truly sports recreation! Come with the whole family, take the children and dogs, we will be happy to teach you how to ride and love wakeboarding as we love him.

8 steps up the wooden stairs from the parking and you get into another world, closed from the heat, dust and bustle of the city. 10 minutes from the subway, fenced off from the road by pines and reeds, our park gives you the coolness of open water and the atmosphere of freedom, is pleasing to the eye with thick greens.

Witch Park Quituchy is one of the few places in the city where you can have a nice time by the water. Sit with friends in the gazebo, order fresh juice in the bar, sunbathe and ride SUP surf. We always play music, fun and tasty, but there is no fuss and litter of city beaches.

Two reversible winches in the park are good each in its own way - they are different figures, and the line moves faster when there are two riders on the water. Three kickers, two sliders - choose the right or left cable car to your taste!

High, 10-meter supports, elastic traction, allowing you to jump high and safe, 2-3 figures on the driveway (180 m distance) will make your ride as varied as possible, allow you to prepare for competitions in any park of the world, or just enjoy the ride .

Tiki-bar in the territory of the park "Bali Residence" works in the mode of a permanent holiday! Exotic cocktails based on rum and tropical fruits in a typical Polynesian style will not leave indifferent. At the same time, the menu is delicious and healthy food, perfect for athletes and guests of the park.

Soft cushions or wooden sofas made by us with love - you choose. The lounge area of ​​our park will cover you with the shade of a hot summer. Hammocks will rock you under the whisper of the wind, our bartenders will bring you cocktails in any of the arbors of the park, make yourself comfortable!

Wake Park is not only a rest, but also a serious sport, competitions and a place of education for future Ukrainian athletes. Before each competition, we raise the national flag to the highest point in the park, we are proud to be part of the sports life of Ukraine!

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