Heroiv Pratsi St, 9

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About the place

Trainings are held on the basis of the fitness center "Forma" in the shopping center "DAPI". Instructors instill students an understanding of the principle of kaizen, which is based on continuous learning. Every time we do more, better and better.

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Next to Aikido club «Seidokan» on the Sands

Sport Club

"FORMA" Fitness Center (Form)

Heroiv Pratsi St, 9

(057) 762-68-54

Sports federation


Heroiv Pratsi St, 9

(050) 598-88-71

Sport Club

Children's theater "Ice Hall" ice

Heroiv Pratsi St, 9

(063) 275-90-46

Sport Club

Sports club «MMA Center» on the Sands

Heroiv Pratsi St, 9

(063) 342-17-60

Sport school

Studio «All Stars Dance Center» in Heroes of Labor

230 m. Heroiv Pratsi St, 7

(057) 756-99-37

Sport Club

Club «Fitness Affect»

230 m. Heroiv Pratsi St, 7

(096) 312-31-33

Sports yard

Ice rink in the SЕС «Karavan»

247 m. Heroiv Pratsi St, 7

(067) 573-93-68

Sports complex

Fitness club "pheromone" on Heroes of Labor

284 m. Heroyiv Pratsi Street, 14

(057) 720-05-05

Sport Club

Women's fitness club "FitCurves"

289 m. Heroiv Pratsi St, 14

(057) 764-56-22

Sport Club

Dogfight for Kadochnikova system on Heroev Truda

461 m. Heroiv Pratsi St, 20В

(050) 646-73-40