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Thai boxing is one of the closest to a real combat martial arts.

Thai boxing differs from regular kickboxing in the presence of elbow and knees, grabs and throws. Throughout the world, Thai boxers are the most trained fighters for tough contact fights.

Muay Thai uses an extremely effective technique, which is different from all other martial arts, to strike with legs, elbows and knees.

Thai boxing in Ukraine and the CIS countries appeared relatively recently - around the beginning of the 90s. However, today he occupies a strong position among martial arts, and every year the number of his fans is growing.

Odessa is the cradle of Thai boxing in Ukraine. Pupils of the Odessa Thai boxing school repeatedly became World Champions, Europe, Eurasia, won the King Cup and K-1 tournament.

Distinguish: Thai boxing professional and amateur. Amateur Thai boxing differs from the professional one in milder rules, the amount of protective equipment, as well as the tactics of conducting a duel. An important circumstance of the popularity of Thai boxing is the opportunity to regularly participate in competitions at various levels - from urban to world and European championships, to fulfill the standards of a master of sports in Thai boxing.

In practical terms, Thai boxing is distinguished by simplicity and efficiency. Thai boxing is a tough sport, but by no means cruel. The basis for preparing a Thai boxer is a duel in various forms: conditional and free fights (sparring), as well as shell work, filling the studied Muay Thai technique with strength and speed. In Thai boxing, protectors are widely used, which, combined with a competent teaching methodology, minimize the risk of injury.

The scheme of a typical training in Muay Thai is as follows: warm-up - many three-minute rounds using all types of strokes; work on shells and testing equipment with a trainer; strength exercises (push-ups, abdominal muscles strengthening, body rotation) and stretching are especially popular. Particular attention is paid to the psychological preparation and study of the most vulnerable places of the human body.

Thai boxing is a harmonious system that allows a person to master the technique, tactics, as well as a number of physical and psychological qualities necessary for a successful fight, yourself and your loved ones as soon as possible.

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Клуб Окинава - Карате Все супер, дети в восторге!!!!
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Занятия тайским боксом для всех желающих с 14 лет
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Реально, пишу тут для своего рейтинга, не обессудьте
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