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The modern world makes us endlessly move. Our great activity generates emotions, and most often negative ones. Depression, unrest, fears are everyday life of the majority today.

The practice of yoga allows you to escape from the problems and bustle, relax and calm our mind. The balance of the mind is very important for our peace of mind. In addition, flexibility develops, tendons strengthen, a sense of balance, strength, endurance, abdominal muscles strengthen, the spine heals, immunity strengthens. Let the thoughts stop and the body relax.

Teachers at Anahata will help you with this. Come to plunge into the cozy atmosphere of harmony, where you can not only strengthen physical health, but also achieve peace of mind - the schedule of classes is different in pace, duration and content - Classical yoga in Odessa, Hatha yoga in Odessa, Soft yoga in Odessa, Fly yoga in Odessa, Traditional yoga in Odessa, Morning yoga in Odessa, Children's yoga in Odessa, Children's fly yoga, Yoga for pregnant women in Odessa, Yoga with a hammock in Odessa, Pair yoga in Odessa, Acro yoga in Odessa, Sound meditation in Odessa. Read more in the description above or find out by the phones of the studio - we will help you choose the class you need.

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Ekaterina Kurpek

Отличная студия с профессиональными тренерами! Очень советую. Perfect yoga studio with professional trainers!
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Vitalii Sagan

Необыкновенная светлая атмосфера. Суперски позитивный и профессиональный персонал. На мой взгляд именно такой студия йоги и должна быть! Процветания Вам и расширения! Рекомендую!!!
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Оксана Николаева

Из многих школ йоги, эта, наверное, самая анахатная. Самые крутые занятия по флай. На всех этапах с момента входа в студию до прощания все душевно и профессионально
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