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Former captain of "Dinamo" Alexander Golovko opened in the capital of a sports club. For a good life man need bread and circuses, but Alexander Golovko has decided to add to this list another item. "People have to understand, engage in sports - it is as natural as eating and sleeping. But the man is lazy by nature. As long as you're young and you have no pain, you think it will last forever. But there is good expression, if you wake up in forty years, and you have no pain - it means you're dead. I believe no matter what decade you "knocked", the main train yourself to exercise and you long stay young and healthy. Also, if you notice that all successful people are always in good shape. To accomplish great things, you need to have good health.

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Next to Sports club "Athletic Ac"


Complex children's and youth sports school "Typhoon"

93 m. Artillery Lane, 7B

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Sports federation

Federation Taekwon-to ITF of Ukraine in Artyleriiskyi Lane

99 m. Artyleriiskyi Lane, 7-B

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Equestrian Club Rodeo

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Sport section

Veliki.ua (M. Beresteyskaya)

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Sport Club

Club of applied aikido and jiu-jitsu "Irbis" on Vasilenko

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Sports complex

Trampoline hall «Jumping Hall»

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Sports Store

Speedo Store

462 m. 57 Victory Ave., Kiev

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Sport Club

Club thekvon-up "Sparta" on Beresteyskaya

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