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Our school raised the world champion and Evropy.Trenirovki held at the sports club "Spartak". Tatami.

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Next to The real combat school "Combat Jujutsu" on Malinovsky

Sport section

Beal combat school "Combat Ju-Jutsu"

34 Marshal Malinovsky Street, Kyiv

(095) 281-03-19

Sport Club

SC "Spartacus"

8 m. 34 Marshal Malinovsky Ave., Kyiv

(096) 784-64-29


Children's and youth sports school "Young sportsman"

68 m. 34 Marshal Malinowski St

(044) 419-36-16

Sport Club

Real Combat School "Combat Ju-Jutsu" (Obolon)

84 m. 34 Marshal Malinovsky Street, Kyiv

(066) 415-07-63

Sport Club

CK "Obolon-Kvon" on Malynovskoho

156 m. Marshala Malynovskoho St, 30a

(063) 405-62-62

Sport Club

Football club "Yednist" on Obolon Avenue

247 m. Obolonskyi Ave, 12В

(097) 429-08-99

Sport school
Sport Club

Basketball club "5T.E.A.M." (Obolon-2)

278 m. 12V Obolonsky Avenue, lyceum №157

(095) 701-67-31

Sport Club

CK "Obolon-Kvon" on Obolonskyi Ave

289 m. Obolonskyi Ave, 12V

(050) 504-09-80

Sport Club

Oleksenko Vladislav Club

294 m. Yordanska St, 22A

(063) 351-21-95