Yordanska St, 22A

About the place

We run a set of children (boys and girls) from 5 years Karate Kyokushinkai section.

Training holds a certified trainer, a black belt, 1 dan, master of sports of Ukraine, a multiple champion of Ukraine, the winner of the International Tournament of professional Kyokushinkai "The Power of the Nation", winner of the 4th World Cup 2013.

What is Kyokushin?

First of all - is education of character and spirit, discipline and excellent physical training.

People who are engaged in kyokushin karate collected, focused, know the price of their actions and words. Kiokuhshynkay - a great cultural reservoir! In addition, an effective way to learn to fend for themselves, their loved ones, keep yourself in shape, be fit and slim, and most importantly to be healthy and strong!

Karate - that compete (from the city championship for the European Championships and the World), the exam certification for different zones, as well as participate in the annual meeting of sports and recreation.

Finally, like any sport - a new circle of good friends.

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