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Combat Ju-jutsu (Combat Jiu-Jitsu) - based on the technique and principles of the "old schools" Ju-jutsu, when they were formed for war and hand-to-hand combat to destroy the enemy. For Combat Ju-jutsu, the main thing is not the formal execution of techniques, but effectiveness in real combat.

Combat Ju-jutsu in our understanding is something that can exist between two blows. It can be blows with a sword, knife or any other attack, even shots. If a technique meets this requirement, it is used; if not, it is rejected, which is effective and good.

The technique should be based on no more than 2-3 basic movements. Ideally, in one movement, so that there is no problem of choice. The real battle lasts a few seconds and the fighter needs to be prepared to conduct a high-speed short-term fight.

A real one-on-one battle without weapons is the exception rather than the rule. Therefore, the technique and tactics of working with several opponents is important. The technique used is determined by battle tactics.

Much attention in Combat Ju-jutsu is given to work against edged weapons, which is most often used in life and has the greatest impact on the psyche. The Combat Ju-Jutsu technique is the ability to do certain actions in the face of harsh psychological and physical effects, and not gymnastics in pairs.

Group 1 (Vyacheslav Tkachuk):
Tuesday, Thursday - 8:30 pm
Group 2 (Vyacheslav Tkachuk):
Saturday - 3:30 pm


Vyacheslav Tkachuk

Combat Ju-Jutsu
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