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In order to reserve a place for training, please fill out this form.
The training takes place every Saturday, at 10.30, in the studio Makoto Dojo (Novopechersky lane, 7, the nearest metro station Palats Ukraine or the metro station Pechersk. Landmark - Nova Poshta).
Training time is 1 hour.
Price for 1 workout - 200 UAH.

These workouts are designed specifically for girls only (without age restrictions!) So that everyone with different levels of training can do it.
The training focuses on the development of strength and endurance (short cardio sessions with power jackets) to be STRONG, but without the use of athletics, simulators and rods to stay SKINNY.
The training complexes in 90% have an emphasis on the lower part of the body (thighs, buttocks), muscles of the bark and the press.

At workouts there is always a balanced load, cool musical tracks, a comfortable atmosphere, support for the whole team and cool girls who are hard, but who are going to end.
After the workout, we always meet for Saturday's breakfast, hot coffee and girls talks.

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