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By planning our sports club, we wanted to offer our customers a high level of service at affordable prices.
In our understanding, a fitness club with a high level of service includes several components:

  • Convenient location.
  • Free parking and free parking for cars.
  • Spacious room with good lighting and high-quality ventilation.
  • Comfortable spacious locker rooms with shower cabins.
  • Highly qualified coaching staff with real sporting success.
  • Professional sports equipment.
  • Modern training techniques allow you to achieve the desired results.
  • Friendly staff and an individual approach to each client.
  • Pleasant surprises and gifts for regular customers.

Based on the above requirements, we equipped the latest X-Line R series simulators and professional equipment for functional training (Crossfit). A great highly trained team has been selected. Made a modern ergonomic and at the same time a cozy design for comfortable sports, both beginners and professional athletes.

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Оленка Орловська

Хотілося б оновлення обтяжувачів для ніг, манжетів для кросовера і, нарешті, кондиціонування у кардіозоні. А так все гуд)
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Антон Шадрин

Хорошие цены. Прекрасные инструктора.
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Стас Сердюк

Подобалося відвідувати, але клуб вже переїхав в інше місце.
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Ольга Oly

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Next to Network of fitness clubs "X-Line sport" (2nd hall)

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