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Many associate yoga with surprising and complex physical postures inaccessible to the “mere mortal”, as well as lying on nails, inhuman abilities, vegetarianism, retreat, unshakable calm, detachment from the world, universal love and almost painful positive.

But many stereotypes associated with yoga are very far from reality, being simply a form devoid of content, essence. Being engaged only in the development of strength, endurance and flexibility of the body, or plunging into deep meditation, merging with the universe, moving away from the world, people hit the extreme, unconsciously lose parts of themselves related to meaning, or body, or feelings, or actions. As a result, instead of growing, they lose integrity.

Sacred Yoga or Yoga of the Golden Path is the simultaneous improvement of all levels of a person by which he is represented in the world: body, mind, heart and soul, and most importantly - the restoration of healthy connections between them. This leads to the restoration of the integrity of man as a system.

If a person cares about the development of only one of its parts -
physical, intellectual, sensual or spiritual, it can lead to success. However, this is comparable to the development of one leg at the stool - it only increases the instability, and the lack of a connection between the legs of the stool does not allow sitting on it.

And one more important thing: at the same time with the development of man as a system, sacred yoga involves building healthy connections between him and the world around him. Thus, man and lives 100% in his
everyday life with all its problems and joys, and develops 100%, acquiring a new experience for the soul.

Sacred Yoga includes:
- body part of yoga (asanas, static, dynamic, power, impulse modes, pair practice);
- meditation;
- Sacral tantra;
- respiratory transpersonal practices.

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