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The modern population, massively exposed to physical inactivity, needs active outdoor recreation. Movement gives emotional relaxation, provides an outlet for energy and improves mood. Team games with any size of the composition regulate relations within the team, help solve personal problems and increase self-confidence. To feel the joy of movement, to become an excellent team player and discover our leadership qualities will help our paintball club "Cheetah".
Our friendly team appeared on the entertainment market in Kiev in 2002. Today, "Cheetah" offers visitors 9 playgrounds in the open area and indoor space for a more extreme game. Outdoor areas are equipped with a shelter system, buildings, walls, abundant plantings, cars, shields, and can accommodate up to 60 players at a time. Games in the indoor space are designed for small teams of up to 10 people. Even if there were only 8 people willing to take part in the hostilities, this is not a problem. While one team plays 2 against 2, the other participants are trained, equipped and listened to the instructions, then the participants change.
Paintball is the perfect entertainment for corporate events. We had games and trainings for employees of the largest holdings. Team games to identify leaders and hidden qualities are very fond of top managers. During extreme situations, albeit in a playful way, an employee can manifest himself in the most unexpected perspective. In addition, the cohesion of the team increases, the informal atmosphere removes subordination and constraints in the work environment factors of communication. A good leader understands that a friendly team without internal conflicts is the key to productive work. Therefore, the cheetah paintball club offers corporate games and scenarios for every taste. You can choose from existing in the database or beat the new idea.

Our recreation center is located in the city, which minimizes transportation costs. In addition to paintball, we offer you fun sports entertainment: darts, climbing wall, high-rise city, aquabol, crossbow shooting, table tennis and petanque. After playing enough of the war, you can relax in the recreation area, which is equipped with tables and benches. For the winter season there are special heated tents.

Past events

Combined paintball and laser tag games

Sun 22 Sep 23:00 - Tue 31 Dec 07:00

Review 5

Pauline Shchygol

Great lasertag facilities! You can go to a few various and cool locations during the game.
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Ion Cristodorescu

Lots of fun
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Ivan Groznii

We have visited this place as a group of 9 people, we planned to play for about 3-4 hours, but we had so much fun and got so tired in about 2-3 hours. They will provide you with outfits, armor and guns. Really nice way to bond with your coworkers or friends, would recommend this place to everyone
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Дмитрий Рожнев

We played 'archery tag' where we had to shoot from bows at each other. It was amazing. They have 3 different areas where you can play this game. Administrators were very polite. They also have paintball, lasertag and many other activities. I like it.
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Menahem Tubul

Wonderful adventure. Very good service
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