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Why should you choose to study Hellas?

1. The staff of the center for 7 years gained a great experience. Any service is done qualitatively and professionally.

2. Center employees are friendly and attentive to our customers. Here you feel at home.

3.Here you meet like-minded, interesting and nice people. With some of them you will be friends. The main contingent of visitors - students and university students of the city, as well as young professionals, entrepreneurs, businessmen.

4. In the center of good equipment, which is a pleasure to work. Equipment is regularly updated. There is fast wifi. There is parking for vehicles.

5. We have affordable prices that students can afford. How do we do it?

- we work in our own building and do not pay for rent

- we have implemented individual heating based on energy-saving technologies

- wherever possible, modern technologies are applied ("smart" light, plumbing, etc.)


  If we have convinced you - come, we are waiting for you!

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Хорошее обслуживание, добрый персонал, отличные тренера!
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Яна Заболотная

Очень хороший мастер по причёскам
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Наталья Романова

Этот спортзал стал вторым домом,за 4.6 года, спасибо вам.
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Саша Дристунцов

Отличная атмосфера в тренажерке. Немного не хватает ремонта. Мужская душевая не фонтан, но шкафчики радуют просторностью. Персонал: тренер Александр - душа тренажёрного зала. Позаниматься без пафоса, самое оно!
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Александр Николаевич Лавский

Хорошее заведение
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Наталья Шегай

Суперове місце!!!
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Next to Wellness complex "Hellas"

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