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The club for those who love capoeira, is engaged in capoeira or has at least some relation to capoeira!

Capoeira is a bizarre plexus of martial art, dance and games. This is a unique world of Afro-Brazilian culture, positive energy and freedom of expression. This is a martial art and at the same time a game, training of the body and a philosophy of life, it can be both a formidable duel with the enemy, and a cheerful holiday among friends.

The uniqueness of this martial art can be described briefly - the art of winning is beautiful!

Capoeira is a symbiosis of dance, wrestling, gymnastics, acrobatics, music. This art has spread all over the world and has become trendy in the elite fitness centers of Europe and domestic sports clubs.

The main differences from all the martial arts known to the world is a friendly attitude to the opponent! Competition in strength, dexterity, wit, beauty of movement through the game!

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