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Health center of kinesitherapy "Healthy Movement" - a center that gives you the ability to treat the leading experts rehabilitators countries dealing with diseases of the spine and joints. Center "Healthy Movement" - combines all the latest and different treatment methods, but leading method in our center is considered a method of kinesitherapy. Kinesitherapy - a method of treatment is aimed at performing certain exercises for decompression gym.

It should be noted that this method pokraschuyetrofiku affected segments. This method of treatment eliminates medication or surgery. Similarly, our method is designed for absolutely all ages and takes into account any functional properties of an organism.

The uniqueness of this method is that there is an alternative medical and surgical treatment, as use of internal resources of the body. The wellness center includes a highly qualified and certified specialists in physical rehabilitation, individualized treatment program, as well as years of experience. We focused on resolving problems such as back pain, all kinds of osteoarthritis, intervertebral disc protrusion, scoliosis, arthritis of the joints, rehabilitation after surgery, injury or fracture (meniscus, cruciate ligament).

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Next to Health Center Kinesitherapy "Health Ruch" on Levoberezhnaia

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