Kontraktova Square

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Upcoming events in Kontraktova Square

With kids | Outdoor | Running

Children's Start Sprint Triathlon Cup Kyiv

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Sun 23 May 15:00-16:00
With kids | Running | Nordic walking

Generation Relay. Yuri Tumasov Cup

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Sun 27 Jun 09:00-15:00

About the place

It is one of the oldest squares in Kiev, originated during the times of Kievan Rus. After the destruction of the Upper Town by the Mongol-Tatars and until the XIX century it remained the center of the city. Previously called Aleksandrovskaya, Red. The name "Contract Square" arose from the fact that the merchants of Kiev entered into contracts on this square. [2] After 1795, when the third partition of Poland took place and the city of Dubno, in which the contract fair initially arose, became part of the Russian Empire - its contract fair was moved to Kiev. It was caused by the fact that Kontraktovaya Square was located near the port of Kiev, which was the main source of export-import supplies. After the development of the railway network, the importance of the port and Kontraktova Square decreased significantly, and the center of Kiev’s business life shifted to Khreshchatyk.

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Past events

Bike Land

Sun 14 Apr 11:00-21:00

Cycle Tour&Party

Sat 22 Jun 16:00-22:00

Military Camp

Sat 17 Aug 08:00-21:00

Next to Kontraktova Square

Sport school

Jujitsu School Kiev Federation "Bushinkai International"

95 m. Kontraktova Square, 10В

(050) 561-14-89


Children's and youth sports school of wrestling and boxing

95 m. 10V Contract area

(044) 425-50-63

Sport Club

Yoga studio "Vajra"

187 m. Prytysko-Mykilska St, 2

(044) 360-77-33

Sport Club

Fencing club «leçon Les Ducs»

233 m. Pokrovska St, 4/6

(063) 170-53-65

Sport Club

Fitness club "Achilles"

251 m. Spaska St, 5

(044) 229-82-02

Sports federation

Kyiv City Hockey Federation, Non-Governmental Organization

252 m. 1V Hryhoriy Skovoroda St

(044) 425-53-49

Sport Club

JD dance studio on Pokrovska

270 m. Pokrovska St, 4/6

(063) 454-27-27

Sport school

Sacral Yoga

320 m. Peter Sagaidachnogo, 29, Kiev

(063) 747-43-60

Sport school

Dance School "Danzarin"

371 m. Andriivska St, 13

(096) 950-00-95

Sport Club

ANude dance studio

386 m. Bratska St, 6

(050) 472-55-81