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Lviv regional organization of Ukrainian sports society "Kolos" (LOO VFST "Colossus") established the Council of Ministers of USSR in September 1950. The main purpose of its creation - providing sport activities in the collective and state farms, the machine and tractor stations, organizations of consumer cooperatives, enterprises, organizations, factories agricultural production.

Today, the company "Kolos" works 17 youth sports schools, including three specialized children-youth school of Olympic reserve sports category and higher KDYUSSH "Colossus" category.

In sports school community - 19 th Olympic and 4-non-Olympic sports are about 3.5 thousand of rural boys and girls, which operates 155 coaches. 10 coaches received the title of "Honored coach of Ukraine", 55 - the title of master of sports or master of sports of international class, 76 coaches of the highest, first or second category.

The priority sports in VFST LOO 'Colossus' is rowing and canoeing, Wrestling (boys and girls), judo (boys and girls), tobogganing, athletics, archery and football.

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