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Aikido - a complete system of techniques and methods that allow the use of force and energy directed against you is for your protection and neutralize the attacker. Aikido - a positive energy. That is why Aikido forum fights and competitions. Aikido designed to protect, not to attack. The purpose of Aikido techniques - no injury and neutralization and complete control of the attackers.

How is learning Aikido? Groups of 10 students (aykydoka) under the guidance of experienced instructors is training in the dojo (gyms) and knowledge of the essence of Aikido.

Remember postures, movements and techniques - this is only the outer side of the case.

Aikido spirit of knowledge - attained an understanding of art and chasing Aikido in the subconscious and respond to external stimuli at the level of unconditioned reflexes.

Many aykydoka classes - a club where there are interesting people, share plans and spend leisure time, help each other solve problems.

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