Khutorivka St, 26

About the place

The total area of ​​the gym is 400 sq.m. Bright and stylish design with panoramic windows adds energy to your workout, and a well-designed ventilation and air conditioning system will help you with this!

 The territory of the sports club "Olympus Sikhiv" is conventionally divided into zones:

  • The cardio region is represented by treadmills and orbitracks of the best world brands that will help you lose weight, develop endurance, strengthen the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.
  • The training zone is equipped with all the necessary simulators from the leader of the Ukrainian production "Inter Atletika" business line, with which you can quickly and effectively achieve the desired result.
  • The free zone raises the dumb range from 0.5 to 35 kg, as well as short vices and benches for bench press.
  • Weightlifting and cross-field area is the pride of our hall! The large area with a sufficient number of weightlifting vultures, which is divided into 6 parts, is ideally suited for the training of all power sports. We have all the necessary training equipment in a warm, friendly atmosphere, which we all endeavor to maintain. The crossfit zone contains: gymnastic rings, crossbars for tightening, medboly, fatboli, pedestals, ropeways, etc.
  • Classes in the gym will solve various problems: to increase muscle mass and to correct the relief, to normalize weight, to prevent diseases of the musculoskeletal system, to strengthen tendons and ligaments, to correct posture and to relieve stress.

In order to achieve a better result from workouts and restore vivacity, energy for you is a common for men and women sauna which is included in the cost of our unlimited subscription.


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