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I rely on zdobutі znannya, vosniy dosvіd that otrimanі for the results of the rock, I razrobilila trenuvannya, just help me to save a healthy back and grabs.

Tse base usih trenuvan from studії!

On our fitness class classes, bribes and more than 15 kg.

Mi formumo chinfiguru without "drying" that znushchan above him. Beautiful tvilo blame it all over again healthy, good?

For effective training, in addition to trenuvannyam, propane balancing rats and consultations with a hawk.

Yakscho vi ready_ zmіnyuvatis rozumno that forever - get to us for the address: pr. Chervonoia Kalini, 58 and i try fіtnes іz naukovim p_dhodom.

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