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86 countries of the world. Over 12,000 clubs on five continents. $ 20,000,000 invested in research to create the perfect fitness program. 10,000,000 women who have chosen beauty and health.

All this - FitCurves.

Our company, also known in Western countries as Curves International, or simply Curves, was founded in 1992 by Harry and Diana Hevin. Over 25 years of development, Curves International has become an international fitness franchise and a leader in the field of fitness services for women.

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Next to Women's fitness club "FitCurves" Dnipro

Sport Club

Kids Club "little flowers"

144 m. Panikakhy St, 28

(067) 108-09-91

Sport Club

Sports club "Storm" on Petrova

559 m. Kombryha Petrova street, 29

(056) 788-99-44

Sport Club

Sports club "Triumph" on the Topol-3

614 m. Kombriga Petrova Street, 17

(098) 886-71-80

Sport school

Nerush Sem Racing Motorcycle

636 m. 25 Topolina St

(067) 302-45-01

Sport Club

Sports club "Triumph" on the Topol-2

682 m. Topolyna St, 35

(098) 886-71-80

Sport Club

Dance studio «Modern Dance» to Topola

682 m. Topolyna St, 35

(050) 406-89-39

Sport Club

Exemplary choreographic ensemble "Vizerunok"

691 m. Topolyna St, 37

(098) 033-33-20

Sport Club

Fitness Club "DELTA"

763 m. Panikakhy St, 16

(095) 337-59-00

Sports complex

Sports rehabilitation and wellness center «Veles Sport»

807 m. Zaporiz'ke Hwy, 53

(096) 199-19-97

Sport Club

School acrobatics Dmitry hook on Topol-1

817 m. Topolia-1, 16

(098) 379-18-45

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