Kombryha Petrova street, 29

About the place

Center acknowledged the winner of Ukrainian competition "Creating a modern model of after-school educational institution." Founder and director of constant Irina Herlivanova winner of Ukrainian contest of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine "source of creativity" in the category "Best Director-school educational institutions." High-coaching skills of teaching staff evaluated at the national level and confirmed and awarded the title of state level. Among the teachers of each center Honored worker of Ukraine, 7 Vidminnikiv Education of Ukraine, 3 teachers were rewarded with MES Ukraine "Sofia Rusova" and one - the medal "Basil Sukhomlinsky."

Among kolektiviv center - Folk group "dance studio" Dancer "Sample 4 Ensembles - School Cossack martial art" Spas ", Team sports and pop dance" mix "dance team" bead "dance studio" Indigo ". Pupils center Multiple sports champions national, European and international level, the winners are known choreographic festivals and competitions. For inst Shturmivtsyami 7 Records Ukraine. Techenye the Center to carry out over 400 measures from regional to nationwide importance (festivals, competitions, creative actions, contests, charity events, entertainment, interaktivni Shares) that visvitlyuyutsya in urban and regional media. For 26 years the Center brought up not one generation of true patriots.

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Next to Sports club "Storm" on Petrova

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