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Model Art Collective children's dance ensemble "Vizerunok" was formed in 1990 on the basis of secondary school № 78 Dnepropetrovsk Babushkinskiy district. The initiator and leader became Oleynik Nadezhda Fedoseyevna. The ensemble worked in the folk-pop direction. Over 16 years of honest work was created a lot of choreographies: "For the pink sea", "Banana Republic", "gossip", "Gopak", "sailor", "Country", "Girl-spring" (which was the last creation Hope Fedoseyevna and I won the I place in the regional round of the annual review - competition of amateur "Zoryane colo"). Pupils of the ensemble were awarded a trip to the capital. Since September 2006, the ensemble continues its work under the leadership of Chebatarevoy Inna Vasilievna. Time does not stand still, so with the arrival of the young expert choreography direction changes. People turning into stylized, pop acquires new features, pupils begin the study and development of modern dance styles: jazz, modern, hip-hop, Contemporary, jazz-funk, jazz, pop, and others. The ensemble begins to work with renewed vigor and a renewed repertoire, when he receives the honorary title of "Model Art Collective" in 2013. And in 2014, the team begins its work the choreographer - Valery V. Zakharchenko. Choreographic ensemble "Vizerunok" - rallied strong team. Children treat each other with respect and care. They are passionate about the art of choreography and eager to learn more of the new, in order to better develop their skills. In the ensemble trained 82 pupil. Girls and boys from 3 to 16 years old reveal their skills and talents and succeed.

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